During the health fair, there was a one and a half hour Falun Dafa Seminar every day. Each time 100 to 200 people attended the seminar in the auditorium
A continuous stream of visitors comes to learn Falun Gong exercises during the Health Fair
After the Health Fair, over 150 people came to attend the nine day lecture series. There were not enough seats. People crowded the hallway, door and walkways outside the classroom.
On the weekend, some new practitioners joined the group practice at Retiro Park in the center of Madrid.
Spanish practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts outside Chinese Embassy in Spain.

Falun Dafa once again became a shining light in Madrid at the recently held Spain Autumn National Health Exhibition.

Strolling past the exhibition building, what caught the public's attention were Falun Gong's five sets of gentle and graceful exercises being demonstrated by Falun Gong practitioners who were neatly lined up, row by row. Many people stopped to photograph them. At the Falun Dafa booth inside the exhibition hall, some practitioners distributed Dafa materials to introduce Dafa while others did the exercise demonstration. Many passers by stopped at the booth to look at the photo display and watch the video shows.

The sponsors of the exhibition have long been warm-hearted friends to Falun Gong. During this exhibition, the sponsors supported us completely and gave Falun Gong special care. Falun Gong practitioners were allowed to freely choose any open-air site for exhibiting photos and demonstrating the exercise movements. Falun Gong was also the only group that was allowed to participate for the entire four days of the exhibition period.

We held a one-and-a half hour seminar each day to introduce Falun Dafa. Each time there were 100 to 200 people in attendance. Once, when the time period ended, the practitioner who hosted the seminar was not able to finish playing the truth-clarifying videos. When an exhibit hall staff member came in and reminded us that the time was over, the audience all requested that an extension be given. After each seminar, many people joined us to learn the Falun Gong exercises.

A gentleman wearing a business suit listened to one practitioner's introduction very attentively but suddenly interrupted the practitioner and said, "You don't have to explain it to me," and then walked away. The practitioner thought that perhaps what she said was too high-level for him and was feeling sorry. The gentleman however, turned back and told her, "Thank you! I will for sure attend your nine-day seminar."

A lady passed our booth in a wheelchair and asked her husband to stop. She stared for a long time at the television screen with a yearning expression and didn't want to leave. The television was showing the video of Master Li teaching the exercises. Her husband told us that she had been in that condition for 23 years and was not able to speak. Her husband, however, understood that she wanted to learn Falun Gong. We explained that she could read Zhuan Falun but that Falun Gong isn't for curing illnesses. But for someone who truly steps on the path of cultivation, any miracle could happen. When they were leaving, the husband bought a copy of Zhuan Falun. We gave him a copy of the music "Pudu". The lady grasped the practitioner's hand and did not want to leave.

There was another gentleman who stayed for a long time at our booth. Later he told us that when he had passed our booth, he had experienced "a stronger energy field than he had ever felt before".

Many people came over and told us that they felt that our booth was different from all the other exhibits, and that it was so peaceful and beautiful. From time to time, people came to ask us where they could learn Falun Gong and registered for the 9-day lecture workshop.

A western practitioner who joined us from another city told us, with tears in his eyes, that he was able to see with his third eye Teacher's enormously big law body safe-guarding us. He also saw that colorful lights surrounded us.

Our four-day exhibit was successfully brought to an end. The sponsors of the entire exhibition expressed their heart-felt congratulations and commended us for being the most successful in this event.

Spanish TV stations that reported on the exhibit, especially reported our Falun Dafa's activities.

The practitioners who participated all came from different regions. Every practitioner regarded him or herself as a genuine Dafa particle. No one needed to be assigned a task, as everyone was able to be cooperative and selfless. When encountering problems or interference, practitioners did not blame one another, but would calmly join their strengths to find solutions. Problems would be quickly resolved and disappear. We began to more clearly understand the meaning of Teacher's words, "It has to be Dafa disciples who do Dafa work" and not "...an everyday person doing Dafa work." (Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference).

After the exhibition, about 150 people participated in our 9-day lecture workshop. The classroom we rented was crammed. There were not even enough chairs so we used benches and small tables in the hallway. There was still not enough to sit on so people who came late had to sit on the floor, in the aisles, and at the door. When we saw how they longed for Dafa, our eyes brimmed with tears. We felt that what we did was far from enough. There are still so many sentient beings longing to obtain Dafa and to be saved. We need to be more diligent and fulfill what we must do. That is our responsibility and our mission.

November 8, 2002

(Translated on November 15, 2002 from an edited version of http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2002/11/17/39672.html)