(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Xiu Xiaoxue, female, 21 years old, went out distributing Dafa truth-clarifying materials in order to save people from being deceived by the Jiang regime's lies. Reported by a person who was deceived by the slanders against Dafa, Xiu Xiaoxue was arrested in July 2002 by Bangshibao Township Deputy Chiefs Zhao Yongkai, Zhang Honglian and Wu Fumin. She was sent to Gaizhou City Detention Center and the police there inhumanly tortured her in order to find out the source of her truth-clarifying materials. Xiu Xiaoxue refused to cooperate with them. Expressing a Dafa disciple's dignity and righteous thoughts, she effectively shocked the evil and showed the power of Dafa and Dafa disciples.

Gaizhou City "610 Office" and Police Department further persecuted Xiu Xiaoxue. On September 4, 2002 Gaizhou City Court illegally put her on trial secretly, without any formal judicial procedure. Xiu's family members were not allowed to sit in on the trial and the court was heavily guarded.

It was confirmed that Gaizhou City Court charged Xiu Xiaoxue with "obstructing law enforcement" and sentenced her to seven years in prison. They also deprived her and her family of their right to appeal, threatening that her parents would not be allowed to visit her if they appealed. This indicated the evils' fear of their deeds being exposed.

We hereby call for international organizations to give this matter urgent attention and help in any way possible.

List of responsible parties:

Liu Jialiang, terrorist of Gaizhou City "610 Office," main criminal of persecution against Dafa practitioners in Gaizhou City. Home phone: 86-417-7814172; cellular phone: 86-139-41722292

Xia, Director of Gaizhou City Police Department, cellular phone: 86-139-04173196

Deputy chiefs of Bangshibao Township: Zhao Yongkai, Zhang Honglian, and Wu Fumin.

Chief Judge of Gaizhou City Court, Hong Zuoxin. Phone: 86-417-7812496

Presiding Judge of Gaizhou City Court, Wen Lihua


November 9, 2002