(Clearwisdom.net) In Houston, when we were appealing peacefully around the InterContinental Hotel where Jiang was staying, I had a few opportunities to talk with Chinese people who had been recruited by the Chinese Consulate to greet Jiang.

In a fast food restaurant near the area where we were appealing, the yellow T-shirts of Falun Gong practitioners and the red raincoats worn by those greeting Jiang were a sharp contrast. I walked towards two ladies, one young and one elderly. I spoke to them in Chinese, "I am a French Falun Gong practitioner. I went to Beijing once to appeal peacefully and to ask Jiang's regime to stop the persecution." After a while, they relaxed, and began to understand better why we were there. Later on, the younger one even asked me to share her delicious Chinese food.

Once when passing a warehouse, I noticed that a few people from the greeting group had gone inside to take shelter from the rain, and a few practitioners had gone inside to clarify the truth to them. One of the practitioners told me that one of the Chinese women wanted to talk with a Westerner. [When I met her,] she appeared to be tired and depressed. We talked for a long time. The questions she asked initially were exactly the same as those from the Jiang regime's propaganda, "How are you so sure that you are not used by others?" "Don't you have a political agenda?" etc. I answered every one of her questions with compassion, honesty and kindness. I told her that a few thousand Falun Gong practitioners had come here to peacefully appeal against the persecution in China at their own expense. On the other hand, the Jiang regime had hired the greeting group to come, but only a few hundred had come. It was very clear who was manipulating, who was being used, and who had won the people's hearts. I noticed that her face became brighter and brighter as I clarified the truth to her. Finally she told me that she had once seen a Buddha with her celestial eye before falling asleep. Her experiences moved me, and I felt her sincerity.

We shook hands before we said goodbye. I told her to never believe an evil person like Jiang who persecutes good citizens, and encouraged her to read Zhuan Falun. I told her that she was predestined. She smiled at me.

November 7, 2002