(Clearwisdom.net) In mid September 2002, the police from the suburb police department kidnapped and detained Dafa practitioner Li Fenghua from Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province in a detention center and held her hostage to force her husband and daughter to turn themselves in to the police. Li Fenghua's husband and daughter were previously forced to leave home to avoid illegal arrest. After two months in detention, Li Fenghua was barely skins and bones, and she became unconscious. On November 8, 2002, Li Fenghua passed away. When her family filed suit in court, the court rejected to hear the lawsuit. The following are details of her story:

Li Fenghua, female, 44 years old, was a villager from Jiangnan Village, Changqing Town in rural Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province. She practiced Falun Dafa and believed in Truth, Compassion, Tolerance. In October 2001, police from the suburb police department kidnapped her from her home and sent her to the Xigemu Forced Labor Camp in Jiamusi City for one year of forced labor. During the illegal detention, she was forced to listen to high-pressure brainwashing and her physical health as well as her mental health was devastated. In addition to extremely poor quality food and hygiene conditions, her body was extremely weak. Her blood pressure often rose to the dangerous level of 220, causing her to often faint. After learning about the tortures Li Fenghua was going through, her older sister, Li Fengrong, could not bear the heavy blow and passed away on the May 8, 2002 from overbearing grief.

In late June 2002, Li Fenghua was released. When she learned about her sister's death, she was devastated even more. In mid September 2002, the local police again kidnapped her to the detention center. One police officer said to her, "The Sixteenth Party Congress is about to open, and the provincial government is arresting all Falun Gong practitioners who left home to pronounce a heavy jail sentence. If you don't want to go to jail, your husband and daughter will have to take your place." Li Fenghua's husband and daughter are also Dafa practitioners and were kidnapped many times. They were forced to leave home and roam about to avoid further persecution. The police couldn't find her husband and daughter, so they held Li Fenghua as hostage and detained her for two months. During this time, she was tortured so severely that she was barely skin and bones, and she was unconscious. When her family visited her and condemned the actions of abuse at the city police department, the suburb police department, and the detention center, the officers there all were reluctant to tell the facts of the torture and tried to escape blame. On November 8, Li Fenghua passed away. When her family tried to file a lawsuit, the court rejected their request. When Li Fenghua's body was sent to the hospital for examination and sent to a crematory to be cremated, plainclothes police had been following her in an attempt to arrest her husband and daughter. Now only their younger daughter is left at home without anybody to take care of her.

This is only one of countless Falun Gong practitioners' families that were broken up by the persecution. In Mainland China, hundreds of thousands of families were broken up; family members had separated; some suffered so severely they have become disabled and others even died from brutal tortures. They are living in an atmosphere of daily terror. The dictator Jiang has made the vicious order to "cut them off financially, destroy them mentally and eliminate them physically." Jiang also applies the "implication policy" in which family, friends and work units are punished for the practitioners' faith; they are "guilty by association."

Hereby we want to make a strong appeal to governments, organizations and kind-hearted people around the world to support and help us and stop the inhuman, evil persecution that is taking place right now in Mainland China.