(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, a lot of evil in other dimensions was destroyed in a battle of righteousness verses evil in Texas. Despite this I feel we should still focus a great amount of attention on sending forth righteous thoughts. The closer the final stage of Fa-rectification approaches, the more so we should not relax ourselves. Practitioners who do a lot of Dafa work must remember to put studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts as their top priority. In doing Dafa work it is very important to maintain a Godly state of righteous thoughts, therefore guaranteeing that we do well. I feel that at this time the evil has been in a situation where it has no way to exist. They're solely dependent on interfering with Dafa practitioners to obtain their final chances of survival. Just because of this, if you don't destroy it, it'll crazily manifest.

In addition, according to my experience, when sending forth righteous thoughts, we shouldn't be limited to just five minutes. I suggest that practitioners whose existing conditions allow for it, should send forth righteous thoughts in front of the embassies, especially during the times of worldwide sending forth of righteous thoughts. If we can sit longer, we should sit longer. We shouldn't let a distracted mind deter us. So long as we insist on sitting, we'll destroy any distracting thoughts that come up and we'll also strengthen our belief. The effect must be extremely good. Usually after continuously sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the embassy for over an hour, my whole body feels as if it was washed by water and the energy I feel is very strong. In fact, it is right during Fa-rectification and the actual combat happening in other dimensions that the never-degenerated Vajra bodies are being formed, our human bodies are being further transformed and our divine powers are being further developed.

Dafa practitioners will become more and more mature in Fa-rectification, therefore our righteous thoughts become more and more powerful. The stronger the righteous thoughts are, the more of the cosmos' beings and everyday people that get saved.

We should certainly do all three things well: study the Fa, clarify the truth and send forth-righteous thoughts. We cannot emphasize one at the others' expense. All three are extremely important. Here, I only discussed one case of sending forth righteous thoughts, which should serve only as a reference.

This is my personal experience. Please point out anything improper.