(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Luo Xiangxu, and I am a 31-year-old male. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, living at 185-9 Tongyong New Residential Area, Jiangbei District, Chongqing City. I was kidnapped from my home at 2 o'clock in the morning, July 23, 2000. The Jiangbei District Court opened a court session on December 22, 2000, but held a secret court session on January 18, 2001. On January 20, the court pronounced a so-called "open judgment" and sentenced me to 4 years in prison with fabricated accusations. In court, the bailiffs totally disregarded the law. They beat me up in front of everyone, and I was sent to their office under escort afterwards. Once there, several bailiffs beat me up. I was sent to the so-called intensive training team of Yongchuan Prison, Sichuan Province on April 28, 2001.

Now I'd like to tell people the true stories of how I was tortured in the prison. I hope that kind-hearted people can help to stop the persecution of Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners in China.

In the intensive training team, there were 6 policemen and 6 prisoners, all of whom were responsible to brainwash me. The 6 prisoners were Liu Yong, Luo Daming, Liao Jian, Ren Jianjun, Yang Junxiang and Zhou Haotian. During that period, these 6 prisoners were not allowed to talk to any other prisoners about how they had cruelly tortured me, and the policemen other than the ones in the team were not allowed to ask any questions about me. Even the policeman who was responsible in checking hygiene was not allowed to enter my cell. During the day, 4 prisoners and one policeman escorted me to so hard labor, including digging, weeding and carrying coal or manure with shoulder poles. In the evening, two prisoners watched over me and did not let me to go to bed.

One evening, when the prisoners were torturing me, the policeman on duty heard me cry, so he asked the prisoners to let me get some rest. However, the prisoners told the policeman on duty that he had no right to interfere with the torture and continued to torture me. In some evenings they used "Tiger Bencher" [an instrument of torture, one is forced to sit on a small iron bench with knees are tightly tied on the bench and hands tied on the back. Usually some hard objects are inserted underneath the lower legs to make it even harder to bear the pain, see illustration on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html] to give me corporal punishment. Once, I passed out at about 2 o'clock in the morning and collapsed on the floor. The next day the deputy team leader said to me, "If you die, the intensive training team would at most pay 80 Yuan as a cremation fee."

My back became swollen as a result of torture and hard labor. One day they asked me to write swear words against our Teacher. When I refused, prisoners Luo Daming and Liao Jian pulled apart my fingers [a way of torture] and pinched my wrist and arm. At the same time, Liu Yong punched my face. After that, the prisoners began to beat me again. They drafted a "statement of breaking from Falun Gong" in my name and asked me to put my fingerprint on it. However, after they handed in the statement, the team leaders said it was not good enough, so they asked prisoner Zhou Haotian to write it again. After policeman Huang Fei approved the statement he asked me to copy it. I refused, so they began to beat me up. After the beating, the three prisoners named Luo Daming, Liao Jian and Liu Yong stripped off my clothes and sodomized me.

Another time, they asked me to write a letter to my home, telling them that I was "reformed." They also asked me to go to other teams to "reform" other Dafa practitioners. They beat me for the whole afternoon after I refused their request. They squeezed my head, pressed in on my temples, pulled apart my fingers, pinched my arms and carried out all sorts of beatings. After that they tried to force me to smile (I had never smiled), to sing and to play badminton in the playground to create a false impression that I was willing to be "reformed."

The 4 prisoners who worked together with me could take rests by turns, but the policemen ordered me to work non-stop. When working outside the prison, some of the families of the armed police and prisoners knew that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, so they would say, "Look, the Party has even tortured an honest person like him."

Prisoner Ren Jianjun told me privately that the team leader told them that the prison administration issued orders that I must be reformed, and they could use every possible method to achieve the goal.

On April 20, 2002, the prison organized a so-called "reform" experience sharing conference. At the meeting, many Falun Gong practitioners stood up to expose the evil persecution. I also stood up to expose the crimes committed by the prison authorities. I talked about how the prison authorities had asked me to copy so-called "statements of exposure and criticism" and they also asked abnormal prisoners to sodomize me and beat me. I was forcefully removed from the meeting place.

On May 10, I was suddenly transferred from the intensive training team to the Number 7 Team of the 4th administrative area to undergo brainwashing all over again. The Yongchuan Prison ordered prisoners Zhang Yonghong, Zhou Chengbing, Jiang Shan, Wang and others to torture me. These prisoners forced me to plead guilty, beat me, forbade me to go to toilet and go to bed, as well as other forms of corporal punishment.

One day, these prisoners forced me to plea guilty and tortured me from 9 o'clock to 2 o'clock next morning.

Another time, these prisoners tried to force me to write a statement to plea guilty and repent. I refused to write it, so then Zhang Yonghong, Jiang Shan, Wang, Zhou Chengbing, Peng Xianyong and Shi Xiaowei brutally beat me from 8 o'clock in the morning to noon.

These prisoners used bamboo sticks to hack at my ankle, knee, legs and body. They also hit me with small stools. It became a common practice for them to beat me. One afternoon, when I was forced to run, I vomited continuously from the heat. Only when they found that I was suffering from heatstroke did they let me take a rest.

These prisoners often beat me and asked me to kneel on edges of a stool. One day, they asked me to roll up my trousers to show them my wounds there. When they saw the wounds in my legs were festering, they asked me where I hurt most. I told them it was my right leg. Then they used bamboo stalks to hit my right leg. After the event, prisoner Zhou Chengbing told me in private, "Team Leader Liu said in order to reform you, it does not matter if we break one or two of your bones."

In order to create a fake impression that I was "reformed according to my own will" so as to pass the inspection from their superior, they forced me to smile. Once, they told me to smile in front of a mirror for the whole afternoon. When I refused, they just beat me. My face was black and blue and my legs festered from severe beatings.

Here I solemnly declare invalid whatever the 7th Team of the Number 4 Prison Administrative Area, Yongchuan Prison, Sichuan Province forced me to write or speak. I will firmly cultivate Falun Dafa. From now on, I will steadfastly cultivate and validate Dafa under all circumstances.