A Boy Respectfully Accepts Falun Dafa Material With Both Hands

For more than three years, I have been clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to everyone I came into contact with and revealed the truth to many deceived people. When Teacher published the article "Hurry Up And Tell Them," I felt the urgency of clarifying the truth. One day, I was clarifying the truth to several village teen-agers who were around fifteen to sixteen years old. They eagerly listened and asked some questions. I replied one by one. One boy asked me, "What is the benefit of our knowing this?" I told him, "Understanding the truth about Falun Gong will give you a glorious future." They were very happy upon hearing this and asked to meet me again. I agreed to bring them some truth clarification materials.

The next day, I went to give them the materials. The children warmly greeted me. When I handed the materials to the boy who asked the question the day before, he respectfully accepted the materials with both hands, said "thank you," and bowed to me. The people around were all startled by this scene. I felt gratified for the child's respect for Dafa and said, "You are welcome. It is good that you understand. Please tell this to your mom, dad, brothers, and sisters when you go home. I wish every one of your family a glorious future."

"So That's the Way It Is"

One day, I went shopping and clarified the truth to a middle-aged man who was selling things. I said to him, "Falun Dafa is good." He immediately stopped smiling, his expression turning grave as he said, "... is not good." I asked, "How do you know it is not good? I practice Falun Gong." I then told him the truth about Dafa. He stopped doing business and listened to me, nodding his head. Finally he said, "Oh, so that's the way it is!" Just before I left, I told him that our Teacher's book told us how to be a good person and how to cultivate. He earnestly asked, "Do you still have the book? I want to read it." I promised to give him some materials first and then the book. Although I have not had the opportunity to see him since, I think that this one thought of his has already established a good foundation for attaining the Fa in the future.