(Clearwisdom.net) Bremen is Germany's oldest port city where many beautiful stories are told. On November 9, 2002, local practitioners and practitioners from surrounding cities together held a Fa-Spreading Information Day.

It was extremely cold with strong wind and heavy rain. The wind was so strong that we made a great effort to set up a tent with the help of a kind pedestrian. The practitioners understood that it was due to interference from other dimensions, and we should use our righteous thoughts to clear it out. So we divided into two groups, one group sent forth righteous thoughts, the other group continued to set up the booth. We spent the whole morning sending forth righteous thoughts once every half an hour, and doing the exercises during the intervals.

We setup the booth in downtown where there are many pedestrians. Though the wind was strong and the rain was heavy, quite a few people stood in front of our booth to watch, and many people, including some Chinese people, happily accepted our flyers. At noon, we eventually saw the blue sky. The sun came out and the wind stopped. More people gathered and surrounded our booth. Children who were playing around also ran to our booth and learned to do the exercises. We were very pleased and changed our sending righteous thoughts to once every hour. Some practitioners went to have lunch or take a short rest.

The dark clouds gathered again and the cold wind started to blow. The practitioners realized that we should not have stopped eliminating the evil. Whenever we slacked off, the evil would take advantage. So we resumed intensely sending forth righteous thoughts until the end of the entire activity. Before we left the place, the sun came out again and brought warmth to people.

Through this activity, we realized the mighty power of righteous thoughts, and the importance of continuously sending forth righteous thoughts. We also felt it imperative to clarify the truth to people. It is an unshirkable responsibility of every Dafa practitioner in Germany to thoroughly clarify the truth to the German government and its people.