Two years ago, my mother-in-law heard that practicing Falun Gong could heal illnesses and maintain health, so she asked my husband to take her to the nine-session video seminars. Unexpectedly, it seemed that my husband had even more interest in Falun Gong than my mother-in-law. I was somewhat worried that he would be too fascinated. I watched him get up early to practice the exercises every morning, and gradually become more energetic than before.

Three months after he started practicing Falun Gong, I joined him for the first time downstairs to practice the exercises. I could not even finish the second exercise, the "Falun Standing Stance," realizing then that it took some effort to practice the exercises. I did not feel like trying again after practicing a couple of times.

Not long after my husband started the practice, he stopped his more than 20 year-habit of smoking. The days passed by as he continuously practiced. Gradually I felt he was great, he was also changing and showed more consideration towards me.

In May this year, I needed to write a book report. I started to write about Qigong being a prehistoric culture, and as I read through Zhuan Falun my interest continually increased.

The first time I read Zhuan Falun, I had many questions, and felt Teacher was arrogant by saying that he was genuinely guiding people toward high levels! I read Zhuan Falun three times and Teacher's lectures on Fa conferences. Only then did I truly begin to understand the greatness and mercy of Teacher Li. Sometimes, I often weep when I see Teacher, and realize that he has given us so much.

My mother-in-law used to go to practice with my husband. By the end of May, she often did not want to go, so I began to go with my husband! My originally healthy body had many small problems this year, such as allergies, throat inflammation, sinus trouble, gastric ulcer, difficulty with urination and others. Doctors could not cure them. In June, I went to practice with my husband. In the first month of practicing Falun Gong, I had several physical symptoms that manifested in my body. Every day I slept for more than 12 hours, I had coughing fits, weeping, runny nose, my phlegm had very strong smell, even my urine and discharges all smelled of chemicals and medicine. It lasted for a month and then suddenly disappeared. Originally I could not turn my head as normal for more than half a year, however it became normal after I practiced Falun Gong. When I sat with both legs crossed, my right knee felt really painful. I used to only bear up to 30 minutes. Compared to those diligent fellow practitioners who are able to bear for one hour, I really felt ashamed!

I have been practicing Falun Gong for three or four months. I remember my childhood was happy without worry, which was my natural disposition. However, I was gradually changed by the dominant view of society. I haggled over everything, didn't easily trust others and always was competing to excel. Now Falun Gong has made me understand that real happiness is to return to one's true self, assimilate to the great law, and retrieve one's pure and joyful own true nature. Now our family is a joyful family of practitioners.