October 21, 2002

Dear Mr. __ (name omitted to avoid Chinese consulate's harassment):

Thank you for taking the time to contact my office regarding Falun Gong.

I appreciate the information that you have sent in support of those who practice Falun Gong. Many people are being unjustly persecuted for this harmless "cultivation practice". You will be pleased to know that I have taken an active interest in this issue. I support the Falun Gong and have signed on to a "Dear Colleague" advocating the rights of Falun Gong practitioners. Please be assured that I will keep your thoughts in mind as we work for a solution in Congress.

Thanks again for sharing your concern for the Falun Gong practitioners and for sending the additional information. Please do not hesitate to contact my office regarding this or any other issue.


Richard E. Neal
House of Representatives