On November 10, 2002, Australian Falun Dafa practitioners held the 2002 Falun Dafa Australian Experience Sharing Conference at Sydney's City Recital Hall located in the heart of the city -- Angel Place.

The theme of the conference was:

With righteous thoughts and righteous actions, He is diligent without letting up.

Eliminating demons that damage the Fa, He is good to all beings.

(A Righteous God)

At the experience sharing conference, a dozen or so Falun Dafa practitioners shared their experiences on three aspects: studying the Fa well; thoroughly clarifying the truth and sending forth righteous thoughts. They discussed how to deeply and thoroughly clarify the truth to sentient beings, especially to those precious Chinese through telephone calls, internet and all other means and opportunities. Practitioners realized that studying the Fa well is the prerequisite of righteous thoughts and righteous actions; sending forth righteous thoughts is to protect sentient beings and all lives; while clarifying the truth is the sacred responsibility of Fa rectification period Dafa disciples, which is also offering salvation to sentient beings. With the expectation of countless sentient beings we have no reason to hold onto our attachments. "Dafa disciples are now sentient beings' only, sole hope for salvation." (Master Li's New Article: Righteous Thoughts) We should follow Teachers' teachings and strive harder so we can do these three things well. We should assimilate ourselves to Dafa and look inward when in conflict.

Before the conclusion of the conference, a documentary movie "Waiting for You at Home" was shown. The movie tells the true stories of the persecution some Sydney practitioners' family members are suffering in China by the Jiang regime, which reminded everyone of the urgency of rescuing Dafa practitioners persecuted in China.

During the experience sharing conference, all Dafa practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. The conference concluded successfully at 5 pm.