• Our human existence in this world is somewhat like a tiny world amongst the "Three Thousand Vast Worlds" existing in the midst of a single cell inside our body. Viewing ourselves from this perspective, isn't it rather funny for a person to be attached to something in a tiny cell within his own body?
  • In another dimension, all Dafa practitioners exist as an integrated unit, as one body. Knowing this, should the conflicts, arguments and attachments that have arisen amongst us be allowed to exist? How can one living being become jealous with, compete or fight with other parts of itself?
  • The word "I" is a strong perception of one's ego. "I" itself is materialistic, and is an umbrella for sheltering one's selfishness and erratic thoughts. "I" can form a gulf between Dafa practitioners, which can easily be utilized by the old forces as an instrument to prevent Dafa practitioners from forming one body. Dafa practitioners should use their strong righteous thoughts to get rid of this "I," a material symbol as well as a source of attachments, from their own space. When that is done, Dafa practitioners can be better knit together and in harmony with the Fa, hence making our righteous thoughts even purer.