Local police abducted four female Falun Dafa practitioners in Beijing on December 31, 2001, while the practitioners were busy making truth clarification materials. After ten months of illegal detention, they were convicted and heavily sentenced by the Beijing First Intermediate Court on September 5, 2002. Jiang Changfeng was sentenced to ten years in prison and was deprived of political rights for three years. Jin Xiuyun and Yuan Lin were sentenced to eight years in prison and were deprived of political rights for two years. Pei Fengyuan was sentenced to seven years in prison and was deprived of political rights for two years. Although they were sentenced on September 5, their families were not informed until September 25. Their families were told that they only had the right to refute the court's decision within seven to fifteen days, but had no right to appeal to a higher court. It was unknown where the practitioners would be sent to serve their terms.

During their detention from last December to September 5 of this year, the practitioners' families requested regular visitations many times, but were refused, in violation of the normal legal process. Because of not being able to see their detained family members for such a long time, the families are very worried about their situation. We are calling for all people of conscience to please pay attention to the situation of these practitioners.

November 4, 2002