Saturday, November 2, 2002

In conjunction with the present election campaigns taking place all over Austria, the Honorable Dr. Wolfgang Schluessel, acting Chancellor, arrived in Salzburg to present a public address in a big hall and hold a question and answer session following his speech.

I and another Chinese practitioner attended that event, sitting in the first row, requested to be recognized and asked for his intervention, explaining the situation of the Falun Gong practitioners. I took this opportunity to speak from the microphone and clarify the truth in the presence of this huge crowd of assembled people to point out the abominable behavior of Jiang's hooligans, adding that history would honor those in free Western states who would officially speak for an end to this persecution.

The Chancellor responded briefly but positively to my plea and assured me that the Austrian government, for which he is the leader, would contact the Foreign Ministry to intervene on different levels. He would welcome further information from us. The latter comment was made as he glanced at a folder of prepared handouts the Chinese practitioner standing next to me was holding.

When the proceedings ended, many people and I walked toward the Chancellor to speak further with him. It was my goal to hand him the folder with information, but because people were massed around him, I did not succeed. Instead I gave the folder to an assistant who promised to hand the folder to him.

Spontaneously, the Chancellor then walked toward my fellow Chinese practitioner, shook her hand and inquired about the informational materials folder. The assistant informed him that he was already in possession of it. The Chancellor smiled and moved on.

(Original text in German)