Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs

The Diplomatic Advisor

No. 112/02/SE/LML

October 16, 2002 in Paris


The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs has indeed received your correspondence relating to the missing of two Falun Gong practitioners in Cambodia in August, and has asked me to reply to you.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Mary Robinson, has made her concern regarding this issue known to the Cambodian authorities, during her visit to that country at the end of August.

France agrees with the wish of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, to have the integrity and safety of people under the protection of the UN High Commission for Refugees be respected, in conformity with the international rules of asylum, to which we are particularly attached.

I can assure you of the continued engagement of France and her European partners in favour of the issue of human rights in China.

I wish you, sir, to accept my distinguished consideration.

Lionel Majesté-Larrouy

(Translated from original French Version)