October 26, 2002


Background information: A practitioner in Beijing in her 70s went to the Appeals Office several times to speak for Dafa. She had also gone to Tiananmen Square five times to unfurl Dafa banners and had several times clarified the truth and distributed truth-clarifying materials there since the persecution against Dafa started in July 1999. Almost every time she managed to return home safely on the same day.

When the evil people forcefully took her from her home into a brainwashing class, she clarified the truth to them and made the evil release her within three hours. From then on, the evil did not even dare to harass her anymore. During those "sensitive dates," [national holidays and anniversaries of important events] practitioners were heavily monitored, including old lady's home. Yet, she managed to do whatever she wanted. She said, "I'm not afraid of them. I just act as if they don't exist." Clarifying the truth about Dafa as her daily top priority, she distributed countless flyers, hung up many Dafa banners and posters. She wouldn't wait when she ran out of truth-clarifying materials, but she talked to people directly and hand-wrote truth-clarifying materials. Even so, she still felt that she could do better. Agreeing to our repeated requests she wrote the following article to share her experiences and encourage fellow practitioners: "When We Firmly Believe in Master and Dafa, We Can Overcome Any Obstacle."


During the past three years of Fa-rectification and the truth-clarifying process, I did my best to follow what Master told us to do. Although I live in Beijing, I am under Master's benevolent protection all the time, though the evil is rampant here. I repeatedly experienced the solemn nature and greatness of the Fa and appreciate the honor of being a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.

  1. Rectifying the Fa at Tiananmen Square

    I had been to Tiananmen Square several times to appeal for Dafa. Every time I returned safely under Master's protection. This really showed me the power of Dafa.

    On April 25, 2000 I went to Tiananmen Square to unfurl a Dafa banner for the first time. Because my heart was not firm, plain-clothes police officers arrested me before I could even unfurl the banner. I was sent to a detention center and later released because of my high blood pressure.

    Learning my lessons from the first incident, I went to Tiananmen Square again on July 20, 2000. At around 9:00 a.m. I saw fellow practitioners being beaten on Tiananmen Square for validating the Fa. I quickly unfurled the banner and shouted out, "Falun Dafa is good." After I repeated it three times, several police officers jumped over to grasp the banner and pushed me into a bus. On the bus, because I said something they didn't like, four policemen rushed over, and started to punch and kick me. It was summer, and the temperature was as high as 39 C (about 102 F). They wore heavy leather boots and kicked very hard and directly into the area of my liver, kidney, and into my stomach. I didn't feel any pain. There was not even a single bruise mark left afterwards. I understood that it was because of Master's protection. I was sent to a courtyard inside a local police station, where more than 200 fellow practitioners were detained. We recited Lunyu [preface of Zhuan Falun] and Hong Yin [the collection of Master's poems] together. Our hearts were firm. At around 5:00 p.m. the police started beating Dafa practitioners with electric batons and sending most of them away in buses. About a dozen Dafa practitioners and I were left in the yard. At around 9:00 p.m. I noticed no one was watching us, so I went to an office and asked a police officer, "Where is the front door?" He pointed it out and I left. At the front door I met a security guard and asked him where the bus station is for me to go back home, so he told me. Just like this, I returned home, openly and with dignity.

    The third time I went to Tiananmen Square with a fellow practitioner, I raised the banner with my hands, calling out "Falun Dafa is good" while running around. The police didn't catch me until I ran half way around the square. They pushed me into the police car. At the police station, because I refused to tell them my name, I was locked in an empty office. At around 7:00 p.m. an officer told me that the police chief wanted to talk to me and sent me there in a car. As the car went along Changping Highway, it suddenly stopped at the roadside. An officer told me to get out. I returned home safely again.

    The fourth time of my going to Tiananmen Square happened around October 1, the national holiday. A fellow practitioner and I walked around Tiananmen Square twice but didn't meet any other practitioners. So we decided not to wait any longer. We each pulled out our banners and called out, "Falun Dafa is good!" A police car drove over and took that fellow practitioner away. I continued to shout but the police didn't come and catch me. Later, I folded up the banner and went back home. Two policemen stayed outside the door to my home, monitoring me day and night. They asked me where I had been. I did not respond at all, thinking, "I am not afraid of them."

    I took my fifth trip to Tiannanmen Square on New Year's Day, a very windy day. I brought four banners with me, planning to hang them on the pine trees in front of the Great Hall of the People. When I arrived, there were very few pedestrians on the square, most of them plain-clothes police officers. After a while I noticed that someone was following me, yet I found opportunities to put the banners in the trees. Before long, all the banners were up on the trees. I felt that I brought too few banners with me. The plain-clothes police kept following me. When I arrived Zhenyangmen, an ancient gateway on the south end of Tiananmen Square, I calmly took out a Dafa flyer and posted it on the red door. Later, I posted more flyers at the entrance of subway stations and flag masts. I posted my last flyer onto a police car.

    I also went to Tiananmen Square several times to send forth righteous thoughts, to post and distribute truth-clarifying materials and to clarify the truth directly to tourists. Under Master's benevolent protection, I returned safely every time with my firm belief in Dafa and my righteous thoughts.

  2. Clarifying the Truth and Offering Salvation to Sentient Beings
  3. Jiang's regime persecuted and slandered Dafa, and I knew that we must hurry up to clarify the true situation to people. During the past three years of truth clarification, although obstacles and interferences never stopped happening, everything went very well under Master's benevolent protection and my own powerful righteous thoughts. My confidence grew with time.

    For receiving and delivering truth-clarifying materials, the fellow practitioner that I contacted changed eight times. Frequently we heard that fellow practitioners were being arrested. We learned from these painful lessons and tried our best to make progress on our cultivation path. Every time when I lost direct contacts, I always managed to find new contacts within a month and make sure the truth-clarification process proceeded uninterrupted.

    In 2000, around the national holiday of October 1st, police cars, foot patrols, plain-clothes police and security guards were everywhere, monitoring Dafa practitioners. At noon on September 29, a fellow practitioner called me and asked me to go to a certain address immediately. She was followed by police and needed my help to remove all truth-clarifying materials she had at her place. I told her, "No matter how difficult it is, I will go. Master is with us! The Fa is with us! Everything will be all right." I piled more than 20,000 flyers and more than 100 books onto a three-wheeler to deliver to other practitioners. On my way there were so many plain-clothes police . I kept telling myself, "One righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils." By the time I arrived at the specified location, it was dark. I finally delivered the materials safely to fellow practitioners.

    Once a fellow practitioner and I went to a park to post truth-clarifying flyers. In a small wooded area about ten meters away from an open-air dance court, I started to post flyers, brush and glue in my hands, when two plain-clothes policemen spotted me. I immediately took off my white vest, put it into my bag and put the bag in the fellow practitioner's bicycle basket. I told her to leave as soon as possible. She rode to the east. I turned around and walked towards the park's west entrance. Before long, I heard two bicycles rushing toward me. I was not afraid at all. I walked slowly and began to start doing some exercises while walking. I heard the bicycles stopping behind me. The police stared at me in confusion. They thought they caught me but could not figure out what had happened to my white vest and the young lady walking with me. I walked out of the park before the police could figure it out.

    Many things happened during the truth clarifying process that displayed the power of Dafa. Once I ran out of truth-clarifying materials. With a brush in my pocket, I went out and wrote truth-clarifying words on the walls of offices, parks, bridges, and residential buildings. One night I was concentrating on writing in front of an office building entrance and didn't notice a person coming from behind. When I realized it he was only two steps away from me. I had no time to run away. However, he passed by me, not noticing what I was doing at all.

    Another time when I was writing, "Falun Dafa is good" on the wall of a police dormitory, I ran out of ink after I had just written "Fa." When I went under a streetlight to check the ink in the bottle, a uniformed officer came toward me. There was no time for me to leave. All I could do was play with the inkbottle and stay calm. The police looked at me and passed by me, in front of the "Fa" I just wrote.

    There are so many similar stories. All of them showed us the miracle of Dafa and Master's benevolence. Master kept instructing us with the principles of Fa. As long as we understand the Fa by heart and firmly take actions following Master's instructions, we could definitely do better. Through studying the Fa, I felt how limited the time is we have left and how urgent things are, and there were so many things we didn't do well. I sincerely appreciate Master's boundless benevolence.

    I will try my best to improve in the limited time left for disciples. Dear fellow practitioners, let us fully utilize the time Master arranged for us disciples, and together offer salvation to more sentient beings with our righteous thoughts and righteous actions!