October 30, 2002


The evils in the other dimensions are full of tricks. The most common is to create false scenes and false messages; their ultimate goal is to distract Dafa practitioners who are still in the maze with external things so they slack off and cannot display the mighty power of their righteous thoughts at critical moments, giving the evil a chance to catch its breath and extend its feeble existence.

I saw some fellow practitioners suddenly let up today, and felt that we needed to talk about it and remind each other. A Minghui net (Chinese version of Clearwisdom. Net) article today specially mentioned: "Eliminating the evils with righteous thoughts by Falun Gong practitioners around the world should not let up, but should continue unabated." For the next few days, whether we can continue to maintain high frequency and intensity righteous thoughts is critical. Practitioners who can see some things in other dimensions relate that in the past few days there has been a very intense battle waged between the good and the evil. Countless evils have been eliminated. However, in the human dimension, everything seems to be calming down. Actually this "superficial calmness" is in fact a serious test on our collective righteous understanding.

Recalling last time after the European trip, some practitioners mentioned in an article that the fight has come to a standstill, and if practitioners had continued to firmly send forth righteous thoughts, it would have been hard for the evils to keep going. However, as is often the case during such critical moments, the evil uses the trick of spreading false messages and appearances to confuse us. Often during these important moments, the human side of many practitioners has become confused. They started to slack off and they suddenly stopped sending forth righteous thoughts. This would manifest in other dimensions as the practitioners' side losing its strength. The evil side, which was on the edge of collapse, is given time to catch its breath. The possessing spirits practically in rigor mortis get a chance to gradually recover.

I have an experience about sending forth righteous thoughts to share with everyone. When we were in Houston this past week, we wanted to get on the Internet, however the server suddenly was not running. We sat down and sent forth righteous thoughts. I felt that my righteous thoughts were very strong. After a relatively long period of sending forth righteous thoughts, we stopped and found that the server was still not running. We sent forth righteous thoughts again but it was still not operational. Some practitioners were discouraged and stopped sending forth righteous thoughts. I then recalled a practitioner's experience-sharing article talking about the evils in other dimensions, and likened them to a burning stick of incense nearly extinguished. If we continued, it would have extinguished, but if we gave up, it would ignite again from the dimming ashes. When I thought of this, I conjoined both hands (Jieyin) again and seriously said to the evil and the old forces that "even if practitioners have omissions, you are not apt to test us." After holding my palm erect for 5 minutes, we were able to connect to the Internet. Through this experience, I realized that if we are persistent and not moved by external appearance, that's what the evil is afraid of most. At the same time we need to examine ourselves and see if we have any problems within ourselves. We should follow the Fa and firmly reject the old forces' excuses to "test" us.