(Clearwisdom.net) As the global campaign of "Rescue our family members and get them home" was launched on October 16, five Canadian Dafa practitioners started their journey from Toronto, driving to Texas, where the activity will conclude. Their first stop was Detroit. Together with local Dafa practitioners in Detroit, they will clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to the local government and news media. Among the practitioners, some have family members who were persecuted in China and some who came from other areas. They arrived in Texas after about seven days of traveling, coinciding with President Bush's meeting with Jiang.

The members of the north route group worked closely with local Dafa practitioners to hold a press conference in each place, and also to visit each local government to appeal for their support to put a stop to the persecution. Over the last two weeks, American and Canadian Dafa practitioners have worked together closely to prepare for the north route practitioners' journey.

In the meantime, Toronto Dafa practitioners submitted an appeal letter to the Mayor of Toronto, Ontario's Premier, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Besides further clarifying the truth of Falun Gong, they also reminded the government officials to urge the Canadian Primer Minister to express concern about Falun Gong during the Mexico APEC conference at the end of October. The Foreign Minister's secretary was extremely warm-hearted and expressed that she would transmit the letter immediately to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Two of the practitioners who joined this appeal and have family members being persecuted in China, expressed their thanks to the Canadian government and Minister of Foreign Affairs for helping to secure the release of two practitioners from China since the rescue campaign was launched in July.