(Clearwisdom.net) My 8-year-old grandson Dingding began practicing Falun Dafa more than 4 years ago. On the morning of October 14, he and I read the newly published article "Righteous Thoughts" together, and then we sent forth righteous thoughts at 8:00 a.m. Dingding can see other dimensions. He said, "The gong we sent today was extremely strong, different from what we sent before when we sent forth righteous thoughts." He told me many things he saw when he was sending forth righteous thoughts. Some of them are recounted here:

"Previously when we sent forth righteous thoughts, if our gong cleansed the oceans it could not cleanse the lands simultaneously. If it cleared up the universe it could not clear up the earth at the same time. Also, the gong was going along straight lines and could only cleanse things in one direction. Now it is different. Our gong seems like an electric bulb. Just with a flash, devils in all directions are eliminated. Furthermore, previously when sending forth righteous thoughts, we had to ride a lotus or colorful cloud in order to go somewhere. Now, just at the bare thought of going somewhere, I would disappear from here and reach directly the place I want to go, in addition, I can go together with my grandma.

"Today we have eradicated many devils and demons. I saw various types of big demons, like giants, which I have not seen for several months. There were many smaller demons and devils. Some of them were as tall as we are and others were only as tall as short stools. Most of them wore white clothes with a black character "Jiang" on the clothes, carrying flags of red, green and other colors, also with character "Jiang" on them. Besides the gong we used before, like lights, spinning wind and water, some gong we used today was very special and had never been used before. One is a "light-ring." The rings can be as large as one is able, and it can circle a whole city even the whole earth, or as small as one just to lasso a single or several demons. With only a single shrinkage, demons inside will be eliminated. Another kind of gong looks like a piece of adhesive tape, which can be spread out and moved around, pulling in devils from a long distance. As long as the devils are adhered to the "tape," they will disappear."

He also told me that the number of soldiers and generals from the heavens has been largely increased and it is impossible to count them all. They wear yellow clothes as usual and carry big knives and swords. There are, of course, big and small colorful law-wheels, some of which spin very fast and some very slow.