(Clearwisdom.net) "Whenever I read the book Zhuan Falun [main book of Falun Gong teachings], I feel as if I were riding on a huge wheel that is spinning at a very high speed. There is a srivatsa symbol on it, so I realized it was just a Falun. The people in the heavens are reading the book too.

As the saying goes, "To catch the bandits you should first catch the ringleader," so I first started to eliminate the evil behind Jiang, the head of the evil in the human world. I saw there were too many evil things to eliminate on its body; every brain cell and every hair carried evil spirits. After you eliminate one batch of the evil spirits, another will come up to take their place. Its fingernails, nostrils, ear holes and toenails are the hosts for the evils. Anyway, its body is full of evil things.

There is a big house in hell, which looks like a big egg and is much bigger than the other prison cells there. The gate there reads "The Prison of Jiang." The house is tightly closed and its windows are very small. There are a lot of Jiang's images in it: some of them have the heads of ghosts but the body of Jiang, while others have the head of Jiang with the body of beasts, foxes and other animals. The wardens in hell whip them, and they keep wailing all the time.

Almost all the evil things in every space have been eliminated, and those that remain have nowhere to hide, and can only possess human bodies. There are a lot of such evil spirits possessing human bodies. They drove away the main consciousness of some everyday people and wormed their way into the person's niwan palace [pineal gland] to control them. On the surface, all these people behave like ordinary people, but all those who have reported Dafa practitioners posting and distributing Dafa flyers on the street to the evil police, belong to this category. Some evil spirits even kill the main consciousness of a person they possess. Though this person looks normal on the surface, he is in fact controlled by the evil spirit who manipulates him to attack and slander Dafa. However, the evil spirits are now at the limit of their powers, and have to do the best they can to maintain the physical bodies they possess. They dare not come out, because they will be eliminated right away by the Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts once they come out.

Every time I saw evil spirits possess a human body, I would drive them out of the niwan palace of the person they possessed. The evil policemen persecuting practitioners are those whose main consciousness have been killed by the evil spirits.

The evil spirits discovered a loophole in the law of the universe, which is that the higher the enlightened beings are, the less they bother to interfere with everyday people's situations in society. Some enlightened beings on high levels think that they will let the evil go for the time being if they hide in human bodies and will eliminate them when they come out of the bodies. So the evil beings are quite pleased and believe they are privileged to control ordinary people. Therefore, I think we should take more initiative to eliminate the evil and leave them no loophole. Moreover, we should also try our best to help everyday people think independently so that they will understand the truth. Whenever a person understands the true facts of what is happening, the evil controlling them will be eliminated very easily. We need to spread the Fa and clarify the truth to the everyday people. If all the everyday people understand the truth and turn away from bad thoughts, the evil can no longer survive at all.

The above is what Yangyang told his mother. The information presented here only represents what Yangyang enlightened to at his personal cultivation level, and are just for fellow practitioners' reference. The Fa is the criterion to measure everything.