Falun Dafa practitioner Zhao Dongmei, female, was a former employee of the Housing Reform Office in Linfen District, Shanxi Province. She went to Beijing to appeal in the middle of December 2000, and was illegally arrested and brought back to the Linfen City Detention Center. She went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, and was brutally force-fed by male prisoners, resulting in her death on December 27, 2000. Another Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Zhongjie, male, died in the year 2000. When police finally notified his family members to identify his body, he was found to have been long dead. The cause of death is as of yet unclear.

Zhao Dongmei was illegally dismissed from her job because she determinedly kept up her Falun Dafa cultivation practice. She went to Beijing to appeal three times. The third time was in the middle of December 2000, and at that time she unfurled a banner, and loudly exclaimed, "Falun Dafa is Great!" She was abducted by evil police.

Zhao Dongmei went on a hunger strike while unlawfully detained in Beijing. Despite her refusal to give either her name or address, she was nonetheless identified and sent back to the Linfen City Detention Center. At that time, her health was good, and in the Detention Center she kept doing the exercises. She was beaten, kicked, and cursed at. Her hands were forcefully handcuffed behind her back in such a way that she could not even take care of herself. She later went on another hunger strike. After about 5 or 6 days, the wicked police ordered several male prisoners to force-feed her, and they made the food go into her windpipe. But the police in the detention center ignored the fact that her life was in danger, and did not do anything about it. They only sent her to the hospital for emergency rescue on the second day, after she was already in critical condition. But it was too late. Zhao Dongmei left the world on that night of December 27, 2000, at only 28 years of age.

Such a beautiful, innocent, kind Falun Dafa practitioner passed away at such a young age, leaving her young daughter motherless, and her elderly parents with broken hearts. Yet the cowardly police tried to deny their crime, telling Zhao Dongmei's family that she had "died of high fever."

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Zhongjie was illegally dismissed from his public position because he refused to write a "Guarantee Statement" [to no longer practice Falun Dafa]. Under such a difficult situation, he still kept clarifying the truth to people. Nevertheless, the police illegally arrested him. He successfully escaped during interrogation, and was thus forced to roam around, homeless, in order to avoid further persecution. During that time, he went to Beijing on many occasions to safeguard Dafa, and did a lot of truth-clarification work with his fellow practitioners. Before the Spring Festival in 2000, the police suddenly notified his family to identify his body. But at that time, it was evident that he had died a long time ago. His body had already been buried once, and his face was deformed. His family members could only recognize him from the birthmark on his belly. The police told them that he died after jumping off a train while being brought back to a local police station. But why did they notify his family after such a long delay? To this day, no one knows exactly how he died. But the truth will be revealed. Whoever committed this murder will meet with retribution. Some worried that his parents would not be able to bear hearing such sad news, and didn't tell them about what happened to their son. His mother is waiting for her son every day, suffering as though from a nervous breakdown. She stands by the road every day, calling out her son's name.

Phone numbers of relevant places and responsible personnel:

Vice Director of Linfen City Construction Office (Used to be the Chair of the Housing Reform Office), 86-13603578086 (cell).

Director Shao, Linfen City Police Station, 86-13935729288 (cell).

Jiefanglu Police Subdivision of Yaodu District, Linfen City, 86-357-2030158.

Ludong Police Subdivision, Linfen City, 86-357-3016358.

Huochezhan Police Subdivision, Linfen City, 86-357-2111600.

Xinsijie Police Subdivision, Linfen City, 86-357-2014897.

Shuitajie Police Subdivision, Linfen City, 86-357-2680277.

Xiangxianjie Police Subdivision, Linfen City, 86-357-2012939.

Xijie Police Subdivision, Linfen City, 86-357-2055063.

Nanjie Police Subdivision, Linfen City, 86-3572014454.