In early November 1999, 44-year-old Wang Xiaosong of the Education Committee in Dayi County, Sichuan Province, went to Beijing to appeal. During this time many practitioners in the district of Chengdu could not step forward. Some of them did not know what they should do. In consideration of this situation, Wang went back to Chengdu to share his experience with many fellow practitioners, and then brought a large group of them to Beijing to validate Dafa. At the end of November of 1999, while sharing experiences with fellow practitioners in Chengdu, Wang Xiaosong was illegally arrested and taken back to the Detention Center of Dayi County by the county police. After Wang was illegally detained there for a year, the Dayi County Courthouse then sentenced him to three more years.

Since December 2000, Wang Xiaosong was first locked up in the Fourth Prison District of the Ninety-fifth Factory Prison of Huangxu Town, Deyang City of Sichuan Province, and later in the Second Prison District. Wang was forbidden to write to his family members or have them visit him. Because the malicious officers wanted Wang to give up his belief in Falun Dafa, they tortured him using all means. He was tortured to the extreme, yet he kept a firm belief in Dafa through it all. Consequently, evil people later forced him to run under the hot sun during the summer. If he couldn't keep up the running, he would be shocked with an electric baton. Wang fainted from the electric shocks, and he was dragged to a solitary jail cell. To this day, other practitioners in the prison have not seen or heard from him again.

We hereby call on Dafa practitioners who hear this news to please send forth your purest and most steadfast righteous thoughts. Eliminate all evil factors in other dimensions persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners. And we appeal to all of the world's kind-hearted people and international human rights organizations to lend their helping hands in order to rescue practitioner Wang Xiaosong.