(Clearwisdom.net) In order to lighten the workload of the practitioners in the truth clarification material production site and help practitioners around me to get the materials quickly, I established another material production site. During this period, I was able to deliver materials from the Internet and truth-clarifying flyers to other practitioners in a short time.

Gradually, my attachment of doing the work grew stronger and stronger. I only wanted to do more work, and gradually I studied the Fa less and less. Even when I had time to study the Fa, my mind was not on the Fa; instead, I was always thinking about the work on materials. Thus, the evil started to take advantage. I felt sleepy whenever I studied the Fa. Sometimes when I did the exercises I was also sleepy. When I sent forth righteous thoughts, my head felt quite heavy, as if it were tied up to something and being squeezed. I kept telling myself, "Your space has evil elements. You must keep strong righteous thoughts." I sent forth righteous thoughts each hour on the hour, and thought that my space had been cleaned up completely.

Then, one day at noon, my 5-year-old daughter walked into the room from the balcony, and said, "Dad, how come our home is so dark and gloomy?" I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts. That afternoon a colleague told my wife, "According to what has been passed down from above, the leaders want to investigate you. You've got to be careful." Upon hearing this, I went out to prepare to move the equipment that made the Dafa materials. When I came back home, my daughter told me that some strangers had just knocked on our door, and that someone had called looking for me. My wife and I immediately called for a car to move the equipment. We wanted to move it out first. When I got a car, the guard stopped me and asked me what the car was for. I knew that this was interference. So I started reciting the Fa-rectification verses, and then the guard opened the gate and let the car in. The equipment was delivered to other practitioners safely.

When my wife and I went home, we saw from around the corner that the leaders of my work place, the security personnel and some colleagues were standing in front of our home. We turned around and walked away. We stopped at a quiet place and looked for causes from inside. Finally, both my wife and I realized that we had a deeply hidden fear. I kept asking myself, I am studying the great law of the universe; I am doing the greatest thing in the world. What am I afraid of? Everything of mine is created by the Fa. Everything of mine is the most righteous and can only rectify the unrighteous elements. Why do I feel fear? Being righteous, one will not have fear. Having fear means not being righteous. Since I am the most righteous, then the "fear" is not me. Who is it then? It is the old, evil forces. Fa-rectification has reached the last stage. The evil is afraid because of its persecution of Dafa and Dafa cultivators. It is afraid of all righteous factors. It is afraid of being destroyed and eliminated. Therefore it imposes this unrighteous matter onto us while trying to survive itself. This is a degenerate notion and a different form of interference. Once we had a clear understanding about ourselves, we went home on our bicycles. We felt incomparably strong when we got to the gate. All unrighteous things had disappeared. We got home in a noble and dignified manner.

In retrospect, although we didn't lose anything on the surface,we were not able to continue with this material site anymore, and have consequently increased the workload of other practitioners. I would like to express my deep regret to Master and fellow Dafa practitioners. I will do better in studying the Fa to recover the loss. I will melt my life into Fa-rectification and follow Master to complete the path of Fa-rectification. I hope other practitioners will learn from my lessons. While doing a good job in Fa-rectification, we must follow what Master has told us--study the Fa well. We must keep studying the Fa regardless of how busy we are. Only by doing so can we meet the standard of purity required of us by Fa-rectification.