The Wanjia Forced Labor Camp is torturing Dafa practitioners in extremely evil ways. Newly detained Dafa practitioners are isolated and monitored by multiple inmates. The guards torture the steadfast practitioners by forcing them to remain seated on iron chairs for long periods of time. After sitting in the iron chair for more than 24 hours consecutively, the practitioner would become exhausted, with pain shooting up their legs and backs. Chi Guixia, a female practitioner, was forced to sit in an iron chair for over one month, causing severe injury and festering of her hip. The prison guards also asked former practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing to harass her, trying to break her spirit. At present, team No.12 is holding 14 steadfast Dafa practitioners who refuse to give up their beliefs.

The Wanjia Forced Labor Camp tries very hard to keep news from leaking out. They bar most family members from visiting the Dafa practitioners or giving food and clothing to them. Any family member must first make some slanderous statements against Dafa before being allowed to meet with the Dafa practitioner. During the meeting, the family members are forced to apply pressure to the Dafa practitioners to give up their cultivation.

Many Dafa practitioners are denied sleep, kept on extremely poor diets that are lacking basic nourishment, and not allowed proper clothing for the cold winter climate. The practitioners are also subjected to high-pressure brainwashing. They have become emaciated and pale from all of the torture they have endured. Sometimes the family members who visit them could hardly recognize them at all.

We hope that kind-hearted people all over the world will pay attention to this matter and expose this persecution. We also hope that Dafa practitioners will send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions behind this persecution.