(Clearwisdom.net) On August 15, 2002, Dafa practitioner Chen Baoliang was tortured to death by criminals under the instigation of the guards in the Shuangkou Forced Labor Camp in Tianjin City.

In order to persecute Dafa practitioners who refused to give up their belief, guards of the labor camp incited prisoners to beat the practitioners with wooden clubs. After Chen Baoliang criticized this torture, he was carried into the soccer storage house and brutally beaten to death.

All Dafa practitioners detained in Tianjin City Shuangkou Labor Camp kept studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the facts. All practitioners in Division No.2 publicly sent forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil forces in other dimensions, which made the evil guards react in a great panic. On August 8, 2002, the team leader suddenly searched Dafa practitioners, and took away many copies of Master's articles. That night all practitioners protested together asking for Master's articles back.

On August 13, the guards instigated other prisoners to watch the practitioners. Any prisoners that found a copy of Master's articles would be rewarded with 10 to 15 days reduction of their prison terms. Dafa practitioners were not allowed to close their eyes; otherwise they would be punished as if they were doing the Falun Gong exercises. Practitioner Wang Yajun was forced to go to the guards' office because he closed his eyes for a moment. Criminal inmate Liu Chengjie rushed into the office and slapped Wang Yajun's face. Wang Yajun started a hunger strike to protest the abuse. Other practitioners also demanded the leaders of the labor camp to stop such persecution. However, on August 14, the guard publicly appraised Liu Chengjie and reduced his prison term by 15 days as a reward for beating a Falun Gong practitioner. On the same day the division political chief secretly met with prisoner heads Wu Guoliang, Li Wenhong and Liu Jinming setting plans for further vicious persecution.

On August 15th, practitioner Liang Feng refused to do forced labor work as a protest since he had requested to have a talk with the division chief and his request had been ignored for several days. As a result he was injured from beating by prisoners Wu Guoliang and Li Wenhong. Practitioner Yan Jingbo tried to stop them, but they started beating him too. At that time, 63-year old practitioner Cheng Baoliang shouted to stop the beating and in return, those two inmates started to beat him as well. At this time, team leaders Meng and Wang came to the scene. They restrained all practitioners from moving or talking, but did not stop the prisoners from beating practitioners. The division political chief came too and instructed the prisoners to tape Chen Baoliang's mouth and four limbs with duct tape to stop his shouting. The prisoners Wu Guoliang and Li Wenhong beat Chen Baoliang even more ruthlessly. Zheng Xuebin and other prisoners carried Chen Baoliang into the soccer storage house. Prisoner Wu Guoliang shouted, "throw him into death." They threw Chen Baoliang onto the ground. Wu Guoliang jumped up and stepped on Chen Baoliang's body. They locked the door and beat him, while team leader Wang watched the door for them. Other Dafa practitioners asked to see leaders of the labor camp to stop the torture of Chen Baoliang. A half-hour later, the thugs allowed Chen Baoliang to go upstairs for a break, and he wobbled out of the door. Wu Guoliang yelled, "Nobody should help him, let him walk by himself." Chen Baoliang walked only 65 feet before he collapsed onto the ground. Gao Hui and others carried him upstairs. A few minutes later, he passed away.

We learned the news of Chen Baoliang's death on the same day from criminal inmates. However, the guards lied to us claiming he had been transferred to team No. 5, in order to cover up the facts of his death. On August 17, all practitioners in the labor camp refused to do forced labor work as a protest, and requested that the murderers be punished. In the afternoon, the division chief informed Dafa practitioners that Chen Baoliang died of a heart attack according to the hospital autopsy report. We were told that Chen Baoliang's family was notified about his death and his two sons did not disagree with the police's claim. Chen was cremated in the afternoon of August 17. However, all 23 Dafa practitioners and 50 other prisoners in Division No. 2 of the labor camp witnessed the murder of Chen Baoliang. Lies could not cover up the facts.

Now the whole labor camp is heavily guarded trying to stop the facts from leaking out.

It was sunny on August 15, but started pouring suddenly after Chen Baoliang passed away. All the ordinary people there were shocked. The practitioners knew the reason and they felt solemn and respectful in their hearts towards Chen Baoliang.

We, all the Dafa practitioners illegally detained in Tianjin City Shuangkou Forced Labor Camp, hereby accuse the labor camp of:

  1. Illegally torturing Dafa practitioners with law enforcement instruments, causing many people to become disabled.
  2. Tolerating and instigating criminal prisoners to murder practitioners.
  3. Shielding murderers, and providing false evidence to cover up the truth about the murder.