Dafa practitioner Li Ansong together with his wife helped his parents run a small business in Panjin City, Liaoning Province. In May, local police officers ransacked their business and forced them to shut down. Li Ansong's wife was illegally arrested and taken to the Shuangtaizi Police Department, but Li escaped through the effect of his righteous thoughts. His mother-in-law was sent to the Panjin Third Detention Center and detained for two weeks.

Li Ansong was 26 years old, and his wife Ren Hongli was 25 years old. They were hard workers who always placed quality work and customer service first. On the morning of May 16, the Shuangtaizi Police Department of Panjin City, accompanied by officers from the Shengli Police Station, broke into their design office. The police took away three computers, an electronic palm pilot, and other valuables worth more than 60,000 Yuan. Just because they are Falun Gong practitioners, they were treated like this.

Li Ansong's father had used his entire savings, and borrowed over 40,000 Yuan to start the business. The total investment was 160,000 Yuan; now it is all destroyed. Li Ansong and his wife were only married for one year and their business was only open for about 6 months. Li Ansong has been forced to leave home to avoid persecution while his wife is still in jail.

After Li's escape, the police officers were very angry and broke into his home, turning it upside down. At the time, Li's mother-in-law, Zhao Lijuan (a practitioner) was at Li's home visiting. She was forcefully taken and her home was ransacked. The police were afraid she might escape; therefore she was tied up with heavy chains. Later she was transferred to Shuangtaizi Police Department.

Li's mother, Zhao Lijuan, and his wife, Ren Hongli, were both later sent to Panjin's Third Detention Center. Zhao Lijuan was released two weeks later. On July 3, Ren Hongli was illegally sentenced to prison and totally forbidden to see her relatives.

The police department fabricated a rumor to cover up their crimes. They said the funding of the business came from Falun Gong, and the business was used to produce Falun Dafa flyers.

Li Ansong's father wanted to continue the business, but the police told him that he couldn't unless Ren Hongli, an owner of the business, was released. However, the police said they wouldn't release Ren Hongli unless the old man turned his own son in to the police.

Following is a list of those responsible for the crimes:

The head of Public Security Bureau of the Panjin City
Yu Changhe: 86-427-2821974 (office)

Section manager of public security, Panjin City
Zhou Laixing: 86-427-2838165 (home), 86-427-2810214 (office), or 86-427-2832857

City party executive secretary of Panjin City
Guo Xingwen: 86-427-2822182 (office)

Shengli Police Station of Shuangtaizi District, Panjin City
Li Liang: 86-427-3839106

The head of Third Detention Center of Panjin City