(Clearwisdom.net) The following are accounts of the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners at universities in Shanghai:

1. Liu Xueyanüimale, about 29 years old, a Ph.D student at the College of Management, Fudan University, Shanghai), Chen Huijing (female, about 27 years old, graduated from Shanghai Finance and Economics University), Deng Rong (female, over 20 years old, graduated from Shanghai Finance and Economics University), and many other Falun Dafa practitioners from universities in Shanghai, were kidnapped by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau at the end of October 2000 and illegally imprisoned at a jail in Shanghai for nearly one year. In addition, police did not allow their family members to visit them or deliver them clothing. In August 2001, after they had already been unlawfully detained for ten months, they were illegally sentenced to three years in prison. At present, there has not been any news about them, and the place where they are being imprisoned is unknown.

2. He Binggang (male, 28 years old) was studying for his Master's degree at Fudan University in Shanghai. Right after the start of the evil persecution in July 1999, he was illegally detained by the school and police for over six months. In 2000, he was forced to discontinue his studies. In 2001, he was kidnapped by the police again and was illegally sentenced to three years in a labor camp.

3. Li Yewu (male, 29 years old) graduated from Shanghai Tongji University. He disappeared suddenly in Shanghai in October 2001. At present his whereabouts are still unknown.

4. Hu Wei (male, 29 years old) graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai. He was forcefully arrested and taken to a brainwashing session by his company in September 2001. He has been forced to become destitute and homeless. At present, his whereabouts are unknown.

People of justice, please use the means within your power to extend your hands to help these innocent people.

September 25, 2002