On my 30th birthday, my aged father went shopping, and my mother cooked a special dinner. My sister and her husband bought me a birthday cake. I felt sorry that they spent money on me, but I had no choice. It has been two years since they started to support me financially. They are always worried for me. I remember all of this in my heart.

Just because I practice Falun Dafa and speak out the truth, dictator Jiang's regime broke up my family and made me homeless. They didn't release me until my father pressed his thumbprint on a file and paid ten thousand Yuan bail. I was injured and my parents asked some influential people to help so that the authorities would not persecute me any further. But the authorities illegally suspended the salary of my husband and I. We had to live on my parents' support.

I recall my 28th birthday. After the dinner party, I returned some Falun Gong books to a fellow practitioner. Because the practitioner's telephone was bugged, the police knew where I was going and they arrested me when I arrived at the house. At the police department they interrogated me overnight. They used all methods to try to deceive me into believing their lies and they didn't allow me to sleep. At midnight the police went to search my house. On the next day, another dozen policemen questioned me seven or eight times. I was detained over twenty hours, while my parents couldn't eat and my mother kept crying because they were worried about me.

In 2001, on my 29th birthday, the prosecutor illegally pressed charges me claiming that I had Falun Gong books and CDs. In the Spring Festival in 2001, while I was visiting my friend, I ran across the Chinese security agents that were searching the house. They rushed at me dragged me to the fourth floor. As they shouted and yelled at me, they searched me and videotaped the scene. As the agents found Falun Gong books in my bag, they decided to send me to a forced labor camp and brainwashing center. I refused to cooperate with their illegal actions and tried to escape, but unfortunately, my legs were injured. In the hospital, the agents and the people from my workplace took turns keeping a close watch over me. To cover up what had happened, they extorted money from my family but didn't say where I was detained. My husband was not notified until I was in the operating room. Over a dozen people watched us when he came to see me. Because he visited me, he was isolated for questioning for three months. My family was severely disturbed emotionally by all this.

Two weeks after the operation, my two legs were still in plaster casts and I could hardly turn over. The police forcibly sent me to a prison hospital, where I was imprisoned in a room that did not have a window, with walls of iron sheets. I couldn't take care of myself, so I needed help from my roommates. My family members had no idea where I was. My sister went to all of the major hospitals in the city, but she didn't get any information of my whereabouts. My mother would cry all day long and my father would drink alcohol to free himself from worry.

In the prison, the perpetrators forced me to confess, insulted and tormented me mentally. As required by the doctor after the operation, I was supposed to lie down flat on the bed for six months. But the abusers raised my lower back with quilts in the morning or in the afternoon to torture me every day. One day, when a policeman raised his fist to punch me, I looked firmly into his eyes and maintained a calm mind. He lowered his fist. Then suddenly, he extracted the quilt from underneath my lower back and made my body drop down onto the bed violently. None of the people nearby tried to stop him. Without drinking water, I went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. The vicious people handcuffed me and had prisoners press my body down. Then three doctors from the prison held my head, opened my mouth by force, and inserted a two feet long tube through my nose, my throat and into my stomach. The tube caused bleeding in my esophagus and nose. They force-fed me with so much congealed milk powder that my stomach was injured, but they didn't care. The severe pain was beyond what everyday people could bear. The torture and abuse I suffered in the prison left a bitter memory that still torments me.

Later I suffered from serious constipation. The person who took care of me was also a Falun Gong practitioner, who was a professor of a Master's program in an engineering college. She had gone on a hunger strike without water for over twenty days to protest the illegal detention. The tube used for force-feeding was inserted into her improperly, causing an infection and high fever. The doctors were scared and refused to take her. Forty days later she was released. But she was imprisoned again because she adhered to practicing Falun Gong.

When I was in this prison hospital, I saw two practitioners who were seriously wounded after being tortured. One of them lost his sense of taste and the bridge of his nose was broken from being beaten. With pus leaking from his two legs, he could hardly walk on his swollen feet. Using five electric batons at one time, the police beat him so badly that black extravasated blood marked his face and his whole body. Other practitioners were detained and were force-fed after they went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal imprisonment.

As my family members carried me back home, I was extremely weak. Some of my relatives persuaded me to write a statement of "repentance" so that I would no longer be tortured. But I had a clear knowledge about the principles for a Falun Gong practitioner: "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance." Through my patience in clarifying the truth, my family members came to realize the nature of the persecution against Falun Gong.

When the Spring Festival in 2002 was around the corner, I was recovering at home. My husband's workplace, instructed by the "610 Office," illegally restricted his freedom. Refusing to accept their intentions, my husband and I rented another house. But the authorities bugged my husband's cell phone, and had national security agents, police, plainclothes detectives and military police surround my living place. My husband was arrested, and one week later, he was sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp. We haven't been allowed to see each other since then. After being imprisoned in the forced labor camp, he was sent to a brainwashing center. His workplace paid 15,000 Yuan and ordered two persons to keep a close watch over him. I was not allowed to visit my husband and so, I had no information about him. Later the police arrested me too, and interrogated me on the same night. Because I refused to answer any questions and I hadn't recovered yet, the police made my family members pay a bail of 5,000 Yuan before releasing me the next day. Who would have thought that the national security agents would come to arrest me again on the following day? After four hours' resistance by us, the agents forced my father to press his thumb print on the guarantee that I would neither contact fellow practitioners nor read Falun Gong's books. Then they confiscated our cell phone, computer, pager and other electrical appliances.

I am just one of tens of millions of Falun Gong practitioners. I have witnessed so many friends, their spouses, mothers and daughters be unjustly imprisoned. I am thirty years old this year. My biggest wish is to call the human rights organizations in the world, my friends and all compassionate people and ask them to support the Falun Gong practitioners and their family members that are being persecuted. I would ask them to help end this persecution and to release all of the imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners.

Written on 9/19/02