(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Gong practitioner who firmly believes in Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. Like all other Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China, I have been suffering under the constant persecution sponsored by the Jiang regime for over three years simply for believing in the universal principle of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance

For over three years, I have been forced to become homeless to avoid illegal arrest. My husband, who is not a practitioner, was unlawfully detained for 15 days by the police who tried to force him to reveal my whereabouts. My child went to the police station to reason with them, and in retaliation the authorities ordered the school to suspend my child. The school authorities took my child back to school and reprimanded him. The child had to live on the street for fifteen days to avoid their harassment and persecution.

During my homeless days, I stayed in Beijing working on producing Falun Gong truth clarification materials and participated in telling the true facts regarding the persecution of Falun Gong to the public. I was detained twice in the Chaoyang Detention Center in Beijing. The first detention lasted over four months, and the second lasted over three months. During these periods of illegal custody, I suffered from constant beatings and torture by police thugs in the Chaoyang Detention Center and National Security Division, including Du Shijun, Zhang Yingnan, Zhou Changwang, Kang Jianjun, and others.

Below is an account of the torture and harassment against Falun Gong practitioners that took place in the Chaoyang Detention Center. I hope that kindhearted people will come to learn what is happening there.

Late in December 2000, a site for producing Falun Gong truth clarification materials was damaged. The loss was significant. All five fellow practitioners were brutally beaten and taken to the Chaoyang Detention Center. After each of the five practitioners was assigned to a different cell, the heads of inmates in the cells again viciously beat us. After the beatings, practitioners were ordered to stand against the wall with no clothes on as a punishment. I asked the head of my cell why she beat me for no reason. She replied, "The detention center guards directed us to do it. Each Falun Gong practitioner was to be beaten upon arrival. You are no exception. Jiang gave the order from high above."

When undergoing interrogation, Falun Gong practitioners refused to give out names or addresses. They did not forget to clarify the true facts of Falun Dafa during the interrogation. No matter how brutally the police treated us, we did not fight back when beaten or cursed.

I was sent into cell 609. There were over 30 Falun Gong practitioners in my cell. There were Falun Gong practitioners in each cell from all over the country that had been arrested for coming to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.

The detention center has never stopped persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, not for a single day. Falun Gong practitioners die frequently under these harsh conditions. It's just that these cases are not made public. The authorities have used all means to keep these deaths secret and no information is allowed to become public knowledge. Everyday, there are some practitioners who are sentenced to prison terms, sent to forced labor camps, locked in isolation cells or handcuffed with their arms painfully pulled behind their backs. The police officers have used all sorts of torture devices. The approaches are extremely brutal, including forcibly inserting electric batons in female practitioners vaginas and shocking them, applying electric shocks to sensitive palms, foot arches and nipples, burning faces and pubic hair with cigarette lighters and inserting dirty socks into the vagina and rectum. Falun Gong practitioners protesting the illegal arrests and detention are then forced to endure these horrific tortures.

Falun Gong practitioner Mei Yulan, female, went on a hunger strike. She died in cell 607 in Chaoyang Detention Center as a result of the effects of brutal force-feeding.

Police officers Du Shijun, Zhang Yingnan, Zhou Changwang, and Kang Jianjun handcuffed each and every Falun Gong practitioner and then forced them to stay outdoors in freezing temperatures for 12 hours hours straight. When I fell unconscious after a vicious beating, I was awakened by several dozens buckets of icy water that was being poured onto me. During the interrogation sessions, Du Shijun and Zhang Yingnan shocked practitioners' breasts with electric batons and forced them to curse Master. They threw Master's portraits onto the floor and forced practitioners to step on the portraits. Practitioner Li Zhen's eyes turned black and the entire right side of the face turned dark purple as a result of the beatings. A lady over 60-years-old from Henan Province passed out many times during the torture. An elderly lady who was over 70-years-old from Shenyang City, Liaoning Province lost control of her bladder after the torture. The policemen also clamped all ten fingers of some Falun Gong practitioners until blood gushed out from all the fingers. Female practitioners Tan Yingchun, from Xining City, Qinghai Province, and Pan Dongmei, from Dianbai area in Guangdong Province, were sexually harassed during the interrogation sessions.

Policeman Du Shijun boasted, "The government abuses you, persecutes you. You go ahead and report it to the world if you're so resourceful! The Party and Jiang's regime are running the dictatorship. I am willing to take orders to execute the rights of law in this land."

The cries from practitioners during the torture often echo in my ears. The brutal scenes often appear in front of my eyes. Those practitioners gave up their lives for upholding and validating Dafa simply because they had spoken out a few words of truth to the public. And Jiang's thugs will do everything in their power to prevent the truth from getting out.

The death of Falun Gong practitioner Mei Yulan in cell 607 of the Chaoyang Detention Center as a result of a brutal force-feeding gone wrong of milk powder mixed with a high density solution of salt is a fact. Everyone in the detention center, even criminal inmates, know this fact. They were all witnesses.

Falun Gong practitioners have their right to freedom of belief. We hope all kindhearted fellow countrymen will stand up against the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.