A monk over sixty years old in Wuxue City of Hubei Province, Mei Zhongquan, practiced Falun Dafa and was kidnapped and sent to a brainwashing class and persecuted by unlawful people of the local "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems). Due to the persecution, Mei Zhongquan became very weak and was at the point of death. Despite medical treatments, he passed away about 20 days after he was released.

Mei Zhongquan used to live at Meidahuan of Xingyuan Village of Taiping Township in Wuxue City before he became a monk. Because he practiced Falun Gong, in the spring of 2001, the political thugs from Wuxue City Buddhism Association together with the evil policeman Xu Xuewen from National Security Team kidnapped Zhongquan to the brainwashing class at the Detention Center of Wuxue City and persecuted him there. Mei Zhongquan went on a hunger strike for 9 days during his illegal detention and was released after several months of unjustifiable detention.

Then he had to wander around because there was no temple for him to stay at. Several months later, local police kidnapped him just because he practiced Falun Gong in front of a temple in Anhui Province. Then he was taken back by the police of Wuxue City and detained in the brainwashing class at the Communist Party School of Wuxue City and persecuted mentally and physically. During the detention, policeman Yuan Shaoxiong severely beat him because he clarified the truth about Falun Gong and was bailed out by his friends who are not monks.

After the release, he went to the police department to ask for his books that were confiscated and was once again sent to local brainwashing class by policeman Xu Xuewen. This elderly man became extremely weak and was at death's door after continuous brutal persecution for as long as one year and several months. The gangsters at the "610 Office" of Wuxue City found that his condition was not good and immediately released him. Within merely 20 some days after his release, Mei Zhongquan died despite medical treatment.

We hereby warn the terrorist organization "610 Office" of Wuxue City, unlawful gangsters in police, procurator, and legal departments as well as those thugs who actively follow the political gangsters of Jiang's regime to kill kind Falun Gong practitioners. The ancients had a saying, "It is of countless mighty virtues to give monks some food." Now just for some short-term interests, you are not satisfied until you kill monks. Have you ever thought about whether you could escape from the punishment of the law because of this? Falun Dafa practitioners give up everything of their own righteous desire to wake up the compassion in people's hearts. With just one thought a person has might position his future.

The deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee in Wuxue City:

Li Longyuan, Home phone: 86-713-6222871 Cell: 86-13807250296

Chen Gangming, Home phone: 86-713-6224520 Cell: 86-13907256260

Head of Police Department:

Yue Yang, Cell: 86-13971718688

The director of People's Law Court:

Yu Jiagui, Cell: 86-13907256128

The director of the Comprehensive Administration Office:

Zeng Guokai, Cell: 86-13971749576