When Dafa practitioners arrived at the Tuanhe Dispatch Division, they saw a line of fully armed policemen standing there. Dafa practitioners who refused to write so-called "Repentance Letters" were beaten up and shocked with electric batons. A veteran practitioner who was over 60 years old (with the last name Qu) was shocked with several electric batons--each more than ten-thousand-volts--at the same time by policemen. Though his body was covered with blisters, he did not give up. Afterwards, he was tied to a bed for several days.

This kind of torture happened very often in the Dispatch Division before April 2001. Actually, no human words can express the real sense of the atrocities committed there.

Upon arriving at the Dispatch Division, the Dafa practitioners had to take off all of their clothing and go through a body search from the prisoners. Policemen prompted the prisoners to take any valuable belongings away from Dafa practitioners. They also forced the practitioners to go through military training, such as standing up straight and lining up in rows. The practitioners had to loudly ask for permission before entering a room. If their voices were not loud enough, they were not allowed to come in. This military training lasted anywhere from several days to a month. The practitioners were often beaten up, cursed at, and shocked with electric-batons. Many practitioners collapsed from fatigue.

Practitioners were forced to recite the Judicial Ministry order #23, and they were deprived of sleep until they were able to recite it. The policemen didn't say anything when they saw the prisoners beating up Dafa practitioners.

In the morning, they had to get up at 6 o'clock. Anyone who was slow getting up was also beaten. There was a roll call before their bedtime and after they got up in the morning. At the time of roll call, they had to squat down with their hands holding their heads. Anyone who didn't squat down correctly was punched or kicked.

After the roll call, the practitioners were only given ten minutes to use the bathroom. Because over 30 people shared 5 to 6 toilets, each person could only use the toilet for several seconds. Besides, they had to ask for permission to use the toilets. They could not use the toilets if they couldn't get permission from the other prisoners. Usually, those prisoners occupied the toilets for a long time, so the practitioners had to suffer even more.

There were only a few water faucets in the bathroom. Instead of running water, the faucets only had dripping water because the police turned the water gate down. The shower system was the same. Newcomers had no chance to shower or relieve themselves for 7 or 8 days.

At the Dispatch Division, they had to squat outside to have meals. In addition, they had to recite the Judicial Ministry order # 23. In summer, under the burning sun, they only had five minutes to finish their horrible meals: dried steam bread and rotten, wormy vegetables.

The practitioners all had to work during the day. Usually, their work included wrapping chopsticks in paper with words like, "Hygiene Chopsticks" or "Sterilized with high temperature" printed on it. Their hands, however, were really dirty because they didn't even have enough water to drink, not to mention wash their hands after using the toilet or blowing their noses.

Their workload was very heavy, from 7 in the morning to 8 at night. There was not even a break at noon. Sometimes they had to work until 11 or 12 at night. Some practitioners had to do work for the prisoners who simply wouldn't do their work.

When they had spare time, they had to sit up straight; otherwise they were beaten.

At the Dispatch Division, many people, including the prisoners, knew that Falun Dafa was good! However, they were still forced by the policemen and by their own interests to watch Dafa practitioners. They didn't allow the practitioners to talk to each other, etc. Still, there were some kind-hearted people who had done wrong things by mistake; these people often secretly helped and took care of Dafa practitioners.

Through their contact with Dafa practitioners, some of the policemen also realized that Dafa is good. They also learned that Falun Gong was slandered. However, they did not dare talk to the Dafa practitioners openly; they only discussed these things privately with the practitioners.