(Clearwisdom.net) Gu Changqin, female, 46 years old, is a resident from Gangyaoling Town, Nanpiao District, Huludao City, Liaoning Province.

At the end of October 1999, since she went to Beijing to appeal for the end of the persecution of Falun Dafa, she was unlawfully sentenced to a three-year labor camp term, and was sent to the Masanjia Labor Camp. During her unlawful imprisonment, the long-term physical and mental torture had a terrible impact on her body and mind. Her health deteriorated daily, gradually she could not speak and eventually she could not eat, as everything she ate would be vomited back up. On November 1, 2000, Gu was sent home to receive medical treatment outside of the labor camp on a medical bail.

It was only six days later that the vicious policemen including Hao Shushan, director of the Gangyaoling Police Sub-station arrested her and took her to the detention center; on November 11 she was again sent to the Masanjia Labor Camp. Gu Changqin's health again constantly deteriorated until on May 30, 2001, Gu Changqin was again sent back to home.

After she came home, the local police repeatedly harassed her. On December 28, 2001, Gu Changqin was tricked into going to the police substation. The cruel policemen intended to detain her again. Upon realizing this, she seized a chance to escape. She was forced to leave home and wander about until she reached Jinzhou City. On May 30, 2002 Gu called home, not knowing her phone was monitored. On the 31st, the policemen of Nanpiao Police Department came to Jinzhou, arrested her and took her back to a local police station and she was detained for two days.

Though Gu Changqin's health improved somewhat after the medical treatment, she did not return to her normal healthy condition. Wherever the authorities sent her, she was not accepted either in a labor camp or a jail. So the heartless policemen in Huludao sent her to the Jinzhou Police Department and jailed her in Jinzhou's No.2 Labor Camp. Since Gu Changqin was very ill for a long period of time, she threw up whatever she ate. Gradually she became thinner and frailer every day. She was reduced to a near skeletal state and had to be supported by other people whenever she wanted to walk.

In July, Gu Changqin was sent to be forced-fed at the No. 2 Hospital of Jinzhou City. During her incarceration at the detention center, three policemen of Linghe Police Department and another man who drove the police van interrogated her. On the second floor, the three cruel policemen wanted to push her down a flight of stairs, but she refused to co-operate with them. That driver by her side said: "Stop pushing her. She looks so pitiable." As a result Gu Changqin was spared from this torment. On the following day, there was a policeman who was more kind-hearted than the others, he informed the supervisor that she should be released. However the director of the "610 Office" Sun Zhi'an (who was formerly the chief of the political security section of the Linghe Police Department. Since he persecuted Falun Gong, he was promoted up to the position he is now in) said: "(I will) not release her even when she dies." Gu Changqin's current condition whether she is alive or dead is unknown. There was news saying that Gu Changqin has been tortured to death, but we have no confirmation at this time. We hope people with just hearts from all walks of life will show their concern.

The criminal Sun Zhi'an's telephone number is 86-416-2829611 (Home)üC86-416-3159802 (Office)

The Jinzhou No. 2 Labor Camp: 86-416-4588652