Liu Wenping, a 43-year-old woman, retired early from the Water Supply Company at Liaohe Oil Field, Panjin City, Liaoning Province. She lived in the Qingquan Development, at the Liaohe Oil Field. On December 17, 1999, she joined a group Falun Gong practice held on the Beijing Badaling Great Wall. The police seized, kicked and beat her, then deliberately placed her in a windy spot where it was freezing cold, before detaining her at Yanqing Prison. Panjin City Police from Liaohe Station were summoned to return her to Panjin City, where she was detained for over a month. On January 29, 2000, she was illegally sentenced to three years at Panjin Forced Labor Camp.

Since mid March 2000, the labor camp police began handcuffing her every night and slapping her face [a form of torture used to insult the practitioners and break down their will] in order to make her submit [and write a pledge renouncing Falun Gong]. On April 13, 2000, Officer Gu Juan directed police officers Liu Min and Liang Min to torture her by double handcuffing her from the back, and making her stand with her toes touching the wall, and keeping her eyes wide open, but her head was not allowed to touch the wall. She and twenty other practitioners, who were also tortured by being made to stand in this painfully awkward position, were being punished for reciting Hong Yin [a book of poems by the founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi]. Police Officers Liu Min and Liang Min grabbed Liu by the hair and repeatedly banged her head into the wall, punched her in the face, beat and kicked her, and then used a high voltage electric baton to repeatedly shock her in the face and around the head. On April 20, 2000, Police Officer Yi Xiuyan pulled Liu and two other practitioners, Wang Ying and Qu Jiaying, into the hallway outside the office door. There Yi made the male police officer use a high voltage electric baton to shock her repeatedly on her head, face and mouth in front of twenty other practitioners. Then Yi had four prisoners carry her from the second floor to outside, where it was raining, and threw her on the wet, muddy ground for awhile. They later carried her back to the jail cell and handcuffed both her hands to the window and heating pipes, opened all the windows to freeze her, and would not let her wear any cotton quilted clothing [This refers to a small, double layered shirt containing cotton in the middle that people typically wear indoors and under jackets outdoors in China]. Police "hung" her [This torture is known as "Hung up with hands cuffed behind the back." With both hands cuffed behind the back and either both feet off the floor or only toes touching the ground, one is hung from a ceiling rafter or other high place by the handcuffs. Both hands and arms will soon lose sensory perception. In addition, both hands will go dead from lack of blood circulation] from 4:00 a.m. until midnight, then ankle-cuffed to the leg of a bed from midnight to 4:00 a.m. every day, so she could only sit near her bed about four hours. She was treated like this for almost two weeks, during which she was beaten several times, but she remained very firm in her belief. Officer Yi Xiuyan said that for her to be this determined, she must be mentally ill. They made up an excuse of "bail out for medical treatment" and then took her to Yulou Mental Hospital at the Liaohe Oil Field. Yi Xiuyan tried to not only physically and mentally torture her but also persecute Liu financially. She would not reimburse the high medical expenses for Liu's stay in the mental hospital. In mid December 2001, Camp Director Zhang Shoujiang and Officers Yi Xiuyan gave Liu Wenping three days vacation to go home, so that Liu's brother, who was to meet her in their hometown of Heishan, could conduct brainwashing on her at home. Liu could no longer stand the mental and physical torture, and was driven to jump from a high building, killing herself [Note: The principles of Falun Dafa prohibit suicide. A cultivator should treasure his or her life no matter how wronged or miserable it may have been. Because the life of a Falun Dafa disciple is not alone, whether they cultivate until completion will affect the future of many lives. Liu Wenping did not follow this principle of Falun Dafa, but that was the result of the cruel tortures administered by Panjin Forced Labor Camp Officer Yi Xiuyan and her gang, which put Liu and her fellow practitioners in such a dire situation. Yi Xiuyan and the other murderers will face their judgments in the near future.]

The barbaric police officers that tortured Liu Wenping are:

Zhang Shoujiang (Director of Panjin Forced Labor Camp), Yi Xiuyan, Liu Jing, Wang Yan, Cai Li, Huang Liang, Liu Min, Qi Xia, Tong Dan, Luo Yalan, Yan Lina, Zhao Hongyan and Wang Xiaomei.

On the morning of November 23, 2001, Officer Huang Liang cursed Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Zhehui and slapped her face in front of everyone. On the same afternoon, Yi Xiuyan tore Zhang's "Solemn Declaration" [a statement that everything she had previously said under torture was null and void] into pieces, cursing and slapping her face again. Zhang's face and mouth were all swollen, and her glasses were slapped down to the floor and smashed. Yi locked Zhang into a tiny cell, cuffed both her hands behind her back to the legs of a bed and forced her to squat. Then Police Officers Yi Xiuyan, Liu Jing, Wan Yan, Cai Li and Huang Liang took turns punching and kicking her. They opened all the windows, and left Zhang lying on the floor, shivering in the freezing cold air. They did not allow her wear any cotton quilted clothing, or to use the toilet, forcing her to soil herself. The next morning, a collaborator [a former Falun Gong practitioner who has gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] expressed a willingness to help Zhang change into clean pants, but Officer Yin Xiuyan would not allow it. It was not until past midnight, after everyone else had gone to bed that she then allowed two collaborators to clean Zhang. The room was freezing cold and smelly. People saw her shivering and crying all the time. After three days of this torture, on November 26, 2001, Zhang began to exhibit abnormal behavior. Yi Xiuyan, Tong Dan and Luo Yalan were teasing her that she was feigning mental illness. But the situation was getting worse, so the police only cuffed both her hands to the end of the bed, but without a mattress or sheet on the wooden board. She was wearing only long underpants. Although she was allowed to cover herself with a blanket, she no longer felt cold or hunger. She would not eat or drink, and her eyes were staring straight ahead. Yi Xiuyan and the other police were still cursing her, accusing her of faking it and frequently kicking her. After Zhang suffered a nervous breakdown for two weeks, Yi Xiuyan brought people from the Education Department to take a video recording of Zhang, and shouted, "Have everyone take a look to see whether she is really suffering a nervous breakdown or faking it!" After the video recording was done, Zhang was still locked in the tiny cell. They notified Zhang's parents after twenty days (around December 16), and sent her into the Kangning Mental Hospital in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. Zhang has been in that hospital for over six months, spending more than ten thousand Yuan in medical expenses [twenty months salary for an average urban worker].

The Panjin Forced Labor Camp Director Zhang Shoujiang, Assistant Director Zhou Zhonghua, Lead Police Officers Yi Xiuyan, Liu Jing, Wan Yan, Cai Li, Huang Liang, Qi, Xia, Liu Min, Zhao Hongyan, Tong Dan, Luo Yalan, Yan Lina, Wang Xiaomei and other officers herded Falun Dafa practitioners to the second floor, and forced them to stand with their knees bent, or to stand with the upper body bent down. [This torture is known as "Riding an airplane." In this torture, the head is bent down until it cannot go down any further, while the hands are pulled up and held up to the highest point. The hips have to point up. One is forced to keep this position unchanged for a long time. The body in this position looks like the shape of an airplane, which is how this torture got its name.] Whoever could not stand any longer, would be forced to squat down with both hands held on top of the head, or to march in the squatting position. They were only allowed to use the toilet three times in twenty-four hours, and sometimes, not allowed to use the toilet at all. They were usually not allowed to sleep, and whenever they were, it would be for only two hours. The evil police took Falun Dafa practitioners one by one downstairs, sealed the doors and widows, then brutally beat them with electric batons, police nightsticks, spiked sticks, with their fists and by kicking. They landed heavy punches on practitioner's head, face, ears, neck, chest and back. Each person was beaten with at least thirty strokes with the sticks. Practitioner's bodies were all purple and black, and some of their buttocks were beaten to a mass of raw meat. If the practitioner still would not give in, police would strip their clothes off, then have the police all come up to pinch the whole body. If the practitioner still would not give up, then they would hang them cuffed in strange positions, such as one hand cuffed high up on the window, the other hand cuffed to the leg of a bed, and stretched very tight, so they could neither stand up nor sit down. Even if both hands were swollen, they would not let them down, not even to use the toilet.

Phone numbers:

Zhang Shoujiang (Director of Panjin Forced Labor Camp), 86-427-8228233.

Yi Xiuyan, 86-427-2901052.

Managing Department, 86-427-2900270.

Education Department, 86-427-2900175.