As a cultivator, I have a great understanding of the magnificence of Dafa and the benefits it has brought to people. In the following, I will share how my cousin and I began our cultivation.

Due to many years of atheistic education, I was very against it when my mother started to practice Falun Gong. I would not have imagined then that I myself would also begin to cultivate. The year I graduated from college, whenever I read a book, I would get a headache and feel pain in my eyes. My eyesight grew worse very quickly. The doctor said my nearsightedness was very unusual, and my eyesight would continue to worsen. Unable to see any hope, all my dreams for the future seemed in vain and I became very sad. With my mother's encouragement, I started to read Zhuan Falun. I was doubtful about it at first, but after finishing the book once, I could feel Falun rotating in my body. With my eyes closed, I was able to see golden Falun blinking in front of my eyes. I knew Falun were making adjustments in my body and my eyes. All of these things were real, and they completely changed my thinking. After practicing for a while, my eyesight stabilized. I experienced many changes. For example, both my personality and ability to endure hardships improved. I was very grateful to Dafa.

My cousin, who was 16 years old, had an illness in his legs. He had taken many medications and visited many hospitals, but nothing helped. He could not bend his legs and they were severely swollen. It was very difficult for him to walk. His mother was very concerned and sometimes cried over it. My cousin also became emotionally unstable and was often irritated. After hearing the experiences of my mother and myself, my cousin and his mother also started to practice. My cousin was very diligent. He would read Zhuan Falun continuously for many pages without stopping, which I found to be remarkable given his poor physical condition. While unable to cross his legs, my cousin was able to do the standing exercises. He was very determined, and would not stop although he was sweating all over his body holding the Law Wheel in the second set of exercises. Meanwhile, he also paid attention to improving his Xinxing. After practicing for several days, my cousin's swollen legs became significantly better. He was able to bend his legs, as well as feeling much better when walking. His mother, who did not believe in Dafa earlier, now began to praise Dafa. She also said she would keep on practicing.

The righteousness will defeat evil eventually. I will be very determined in practicing, upgrading Xinxing, and promoting Dafa.

September 22, 2002