I was arrested and detained illegally, without due process of law. When I was formally prosecuted in the court in 2001, I had already been illegally detained past my original sentence. Three months later, the case was withdrawn. My family submitted a request to the court asking for my release. The judge told my family members, "We were going to release her unconditionally. However, the police have not agreed to this." Thus I was detained in the detention center for another several months. One day the police came to me with the release notice and told me that I was going to be released that day. At that moment, everybody in the cell cheered for me. However, when I walked to the door, the officer pulled out another notice giving orders to send me to a forced labor camp. It all happened in just a few minutes. Even the head of the detention center was confused, and irately asked, "Are you here to release her or to send her to forced labor camp? How can you be so ridiculous?" It again revealed the fact that the police just persecute Dafa practitioners arbitrarily and irrationally.

From July 2001 to September 2001, I was detained in the Women's Labor Camp in Hainan Province. The Dafa practitioners detained there were very steadfast, and the police beat and tortured them almost daily. They also instigated the other (criminal) inmates to severely beat Dafa practitioners. One evening, as several practitioners were sitting on the bed, many police officers, most of them men, suddenly rushed into the cell and dragged the practitioners down to the floor and out the door. In an attempt to cover this crime, they ordered other practitioners not to look. Whoever was caught looking at what they were doing would be dragged away and beaten up also. Over ten practitioners were forcibly dragged out, and tied with ropes in a position that disallowed them to sit or sleep. They were also not allowed to take showers. The police beat up the practitioners severely. Such torture went on for several consecutive days and nights. Some practitioners were unable to walk after the beatings. In September, many practitioners refused to cooperate with the police. Two policemen were then assigned to continuously beat people. Many practitioners lost consciousness due to the beating. A practitioner named Xu Jianmei had her toenails ripped off from the beating, causing her toes to bleed profusely. There were seven to eight practitioners who refused to wear the uniform for labor camp inmates. The police then ordered other inmates to strip those practitioners, leaving them with only underwear on. They also tied the practitioners to the window bars. In order not to let people outside the prison see what was going on, the police tied practitioners' hands behind their back and ordered other inmates to put paper boxes around them to block the view. This torture lasted for several consecutive days.

If a practitioner rejected the police officers' irrational orders, they would not be allowed to see their families when they came to visit. Some practitioners have not been allowed to see their families for over two years. Practitioners' families are sometimes forced to curse Teacher Li before their visit is approved. Even children are not excluded from this cruel and senseless abuse. Practitioner Wang Shuyu was illegally sentenced to forced labor camp for three years. Her parents had come to see her several times from a very far and remote rural area, yet each time, the police did not allow them to see their daughter. Shuyu had to bear tremendous mental torture and lost 30 pounds of weight quickly. She also became absent-minded. Another practitioner named Wang Haifang has a son around 17 or 18 years old. Every time he came to visit his mom he was always denied the right to see her. In frustration, he climbed up a very high water tower and shouted, "If you don't allow me to see my mom today, I am just going to jump!"

As part of their relentless persecution, the police dragged all Dafa practitioners into a room and closed all the doors and windows. They rotated in new police officers every two hours, 24 hours a day. They disallowed practitioners to sleep and take showers. They continuously tortured practitioners and claimed that whoever did not get "transformed" [renounced Falun Dafa] would not be allowed to leave this room.

Practitioners' detention terms were often arbitrarily and unlawfully extended. One day, as a practitioner was cleaning the cell, a police by the last name Han was not satisfied with the tools she was using and therefore punished her with ten more days of confinement. My term was also illegally extended for over six months.

The facts mentioned above have all been witnessed or experienced by myself. Furthermore, I want to solemnly declare that all I have written and said under the brutal torture is void. I am still going to practice Dafa firmly and continue the journey of Fa-rectification.