(Clearwisdom.net) While walking on the street on August 1, Falun Gong practitioner Shuxia Zhang from Qinghe District of Tieling City in Liaoning Province was arrested by policeman Lizhong Sun from the Yinzhou District Police Station. In the interrogation office on the 4th floor of the Police Station, her hands were cuffed and she was hung from the wall, and her left foot was also hung from the wall. The whole body was in pain in such an uncomfortable position. She hung like this for more than 5 hours. The policemen beat up her and cursed her. They also electrically shocked her until she was black and blue all over her body. The policemen also kicked her with hard leather boots and her ankles were bleeding due to the shackles. Despite all this, she still refused to give her name or answer any questions.

On Aug. 5, the leader of the vice squad Yi Wang and others of Qinghe District interrogated her with torture. At that time she had already gone on a hunger strike and had been without food or water for 5 days. Her body was so weak that it was difficult for her to stand. Police Yi Wang cruelly shocked Shuxia Zhang's hands, armpits, ears, head and other sensitive parts of her body with stun batons. Shuxia was also not allowed to go to the bathroom and she ended up defecating in her pants. Her hands were trembling all the time. After the electric shocks, her ears and armpits were swollen; each area formed a large blister. Policemen Wangyi tortured her in this manner from 2 p.m. to 1a.m. the next morning. Her tragic cries echoed throughout the corridor. Yi Wang was afraid this would be heard, so he gagged her mouth with towels and bound her feet together with rope.

The police station of Qinghe District of Tieling City often tortured Falun Dafa disciples. In Oct. 2000, they tortured Falun Dafa disciples in turn with 14 electric batons. In the end of Oct. 1999, Shuxia Zhang went to appeal in Beijing for Falun Gong. After she was arrested, policemen Yongren Liu and Lei Yang illegally interrogated her. Yongren Liu insulted her and groped her breasts. On Dec. 25, 2001, Qinghe District Police searched her house and confiscated some of her property , which includes a color TV, VCD player, power amplifier player, and three tape recorders. Since then Shuxia was forced to be homeless and is thus still suffering from this inhumane persecution.

[China's country code is 86. No need to dial 0 prior to the area codes]

610 Officer of Tieling City: Zhixue Cui: 0410-2822847

Director general of Qinghe District Police Station: Ming Wan 0410-2173488 (home) 0410-2177386 (office)

Vice Director of the District Police Station: Xiaodong Fu (home),

Zhenjin Xu 0410-2176119

Team leader (of Police) Yongren Liu: 0410-2180749 (office) 0410-2178192

Vice team leader: Guifen Wang: 0410-2180749 (office)

Office of Ren Zhou District: Lizhong Sun 0410-4840261 (home) 13941073669

Lizhong Sun, Dongsheng Yang (0410-4848709)


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