For a long period of time, I developed a psychological barrier that kept me from being able to distribute truth-clarification materials to Chinese people, since few of them wanted to accept the materials from my hands. I knew that it was my fear that made me have this psychological barrier. On one hand, I was afraid that people might reject my offer; on the other, I feared that they might misunderstand me because I didn't speak Chinese and was unable to clarify the truth to them. What made me feel even more fearful was that because of my inability to communicate with them, they might not change their negative attitude towards Dafa, and they would possibly be weeded out in the future. This kind of thought made me feel extremely anxious, and I just didn't know how to deal with it.

Recently, when handing out truth-clarification materials at a train station, I noticed that my mind was full of ease and peacefulness. It dawned on me that my fear was gone, and I was no longer under the control of fear. From then on, very few Chinese rejected my materials. Instead, they accepted the materials from my hands happily and in a friendly manner. I am no longer afraid of not being able to clarify the truth to them.


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