(Clearwisdom.net) I'm a practitioner who obtained the Fa in 1997, so it has been more than five years since I started cultivation practice. Not long after I obtained the Fa, I started to follow Teacher's requirement to study the Fa more. At that time, I was able to study one lecture of Zhuan Falun everyday, and I could feel myself making great improvements in different areas. Afterwards, without even trying, my reading speed became faster and faster. In order to study the Fa more diligently, I started studying two lectures of Zhuan Falun everyday. This lasted for a long time. In fact, my reading speed continued to increase, and I could study one lecture in an hour. Later, I could even finish reading one lecture in less than an hour, and could hardly slow down. I was almost in an incorrect state of pursuing quantity of reading, although that's not what I wanted. I had to admit that the effect of my Fa-study had become worse than before.

We indeed should care about the quality of our Fa-study. Otherwise, we would just be wasting our time, and the state of our cultivation practice and Fa-rectification would be directly affected. Later, I changed my way of Fa-study by listening to Teacher's lectures instead of reading the book. I did this for a period of time, but in the end I switched back to reading the book. However, my wife, a Dafa practitioner who obtained the Fa at the same time I did, reads the book very slowly, and the effect is very good. She has a very distinct memory of the words in the book. I think that this is a very good state. Eventually, I started to read aloud instead of reading the book silently, so I could control the speed. I felt the effect was very good. I almost felt like I was back to the pure and clean state when I first obtained the Fa.

As soon as the effect of my Fa-study improved, all other different aspects changed immediately, For example, the difficulties I encountered in Dafa work were solved right away, and my righteous thoughts became more powerful. These effects were very noticeable. In the past I could read two lectures in less than two hours, but now I read only one lecture in two hours. I'm no longer hasty, and I no longer try to read fast. Instead I read Zhuan Falun clearly, focusing on each word and sentence. I'm literally enjoying the process of reading the book. This is my personal experience of Fa-study, which is not necessarily suitable for other practitioners. If there is anything inappropriate, please be sure to point them out to me. Thank you.