(Clearwisdom.net) The "Reform Brigade" at the Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province allows practitioners to meet with their visiting relatives once a month. Under the direction of Cheng Diankun, the Political Commissioner of the Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp and the leader of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners there, Agent Li Fengyou and others placed a poster of Teacher's portrait on the ground in front of the reception door, forcing relatives to step on it in order to enter the room. If they did not, no visit would be allowed. Li Fengyou also placed a portrait of Teacher on the ground in front of the brainwashing classroom, forcing practitioners to step on it.

On the afternoon of August 3, 2002, practitioner Zhang Guoyi was taken to the office of Agent Song Baishun because he wrote a "Solemn Statement" (a statement solemnly affirming that all previous statements disavowing Falun Gong were null and void). Five or six prison inmates knocked him down. With his face against the floor, they handcuffed him with his hands behind his back. Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp Assistant Guan Feng, Agent Song Baishun, and Agent Chen Wei then used high voltage electric batons on him for more than 2 hours. Later, Zhang was transferred to Brigade #4 to do forced labor.

In February of 2002, during the Spring Festival, practitioner Chen Song was forced to remain in a squatting position for 24 hours without sleep as a form of punishment in the brainwashing class. Agents beat him whenever they felt like it. After more than 20 days of torture, they transferred him to Brigade #6 to do forced labor. One day, under the orders of Agent Cheng Diankun, a group of agents used 11 high voltage electric batons at the same time on Chen Song for a whole day. They burned Chen's body all over, leaving his skin cracked and covered with blisters.

Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp agents throw newly arrested practitioners into a 24-hr brainwashing class. They also torture practitioners, forcing them to squat for long periods as punishment. Practitioners who are resolute in their practice are sent to the small building after around 20 days of beatings, curses, and physical abuse. In the small building is the brainwashing class, where the labor camp staff abuse them at will. At the end of 2001, under the orders of an agent, a former practitioner who had previously succumbed to the severe torture forced one practitioner to wrap herself up in a quilt. They forced her head under her legs and left her in a lump, thrown in a dark corner of the building for more than 2 hours. They were not at all concerned about whether she was still alive or dead.