Liu Junhua is a 36-year-old former guard at the Sanjiang Food Company of Heilongjiang Province. He and his wife went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa on Sept. 7, 1999. The Dongfeng Branch of Jiamusi Police Department illegally sent him to the Xigemu Forced Labor Camp of Jiamusi for two-years of detention. Calling on their powerful righteous thoughts, he and ten other practitioners were able to escape on Nov. 3, 2000. They then had to remain homeless to avoid further persecution.

When he and a few other practitioners went to the city of Mishan in late October 2001, the local police illegally arrested Liu Junhua again. At the Mishan Detention Center, he refused to cooperate with the police and began a hunger strike to protest against the persecution. After twenty-two days, he was taken back to Jiamusi Xigemu Forced Labor Camp. His family's requests for visitation and release on bail for medical treatment were all rejected. With extraordinary righteous thoughts, he stayed on hunger strike for forty-four days, and eventually walked out of the Forced Labor Camp with dignity to rejoin the current of Fa-rectification.

The Jiamusi police launched a citywide search and arrest of Falun Dafa practitioners on the evening of April 9. Liu Junhua was stopped near his home and searched by local police of the Dongfeng and Nanwei Branch. They found some Falun Dafa materials and the key to his house, which they used to break into Liu's home. Items that were confiscated included Falun Dafa books, CDs, cassette tapes, a VCD player, a Walkman, a cell phone, a pager and cash. Liu's wife found the cell phone missing and asked them to investigate. Although nobody admitted having taken it, it is suspected that a policeman stole it. Liu Junhua, his wife and another Dafa practitioner (who happened to visit Liu that evening) were taken to Nanwei Police Station. Liu's wife and the visiting practitioner were released that night, but Liu was illegally sent to the City Detention Center.

Liu Junhua stood by his principles, refused to cooperate with the unlawful interrogation, and protested against the persecution with another hunger strike. The police failed to gather enough "evidence" to convict him of a crime, but he was sent to the forced labor camp again.

During Liu's detention, another practitioner he had contact with was also arrested. This man couldn't bear the torture and provided some evidence by telling the police about some of the work that Liu had done for Falun Dafa. They transferred Liu back to the detention center and started another round of interrogation.

Dongfeng District Court started an illegal trial against Liu prior to October 1, which was forced to adjourn due to the strong righteous thoughts that practitioners of the city sent to help resolve this matter, as well as his complete refusal to recognize their evil arrangement.

Liu Junhua is still being detained at the Jiamusi Detention Center. We hope that all kind people will help to get him released as soon as possible.

Oct. 19, 2002