(Clearwisdom.net) Lately, I often hear some practitioners say that they don't want to do the first four sets of Dafa exercises, or that they should take Fa-rectification work as top priority during the Fa-rectification period, to justify doing less exercises when they are busy. I want to talk about my understanding on this issue with regard to my personal experience.

First, the exercises can help transform our bodies and gradually change them into high-energy substances. One of the ways in which this manifests is that we appear younger than we actually are. Master has talked about all this in Zhuan Falun. Furthermore, we are now in middle of the Fa-rectification era. When practitioners are in prime physical condition with high morale, this in itself displays to people the supernatural and wonderful nature of Dafa.

At the same time, Fa-rectification disciples are beings whose existence is based upon Fa-rectification. Our daily Fa study, exercises and truth-clarification are all part of Fa- rectification cultivation. When we do the exercises, the pure energy of Fa-rectification will necessarily work to rectify the Fa from the macroscopic to the microscopic level. When I do the exercises accompanied by Dafa music, I can feel my gong moving the world in ten directions; it benefits countless beings and shocks the evil.

I live in the evil environment of Mainland China, but I persist in doing Dafa exercises in an open and dignified manner at home, at my work place and public places. I often leave town for work reasons and I spend almost all of my time with non-practitioners. One could say that my doing the exercises among my colleagues is almost public. I persist in doing the exercises in the office and in the dorm, and most of the time I play Dafa music so non-practitioners can hear or see. First, I had human attachments and was afraid of getting in trouble, so I tried to lower the volume; then I realized this was an attachment to fear, since non-practitioners can only benefit from Dafa music. I turned the music up to an appropriate level, and I discovered that my mind was exceptionally clear and I was in a superior state. I knew this was Master's encouragement, so I discarded fear and did the exercises with the music on in an open and dignified manner. I have been doing that for the past three years. Of course, there were times when evil thugs reported me to the police, but I resolved it with Master's protection and my determined, righteous thoughts.

Through persisting with the exercises in ordinary society for the past three years, I realized that this is also a part of Fa-rectification. I want to remind those practitioners who don't opt to do the exercises at home, or practitioners who use all kinds of excuses for not doing the exercises every day: if you can't do the exercises daily, even in a relatively interference-free environment, then how can you have the courage to do it in jail when directly faced with the evil? Fellow practitioners, please cherish the environment we have right now, study the Fa and do the exercises more diligently. Be diligent! Master is rewarding us through a great Consummation!

These thoughts are my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners, please benevolently point out anything inappropriate.

October 21, 2002