1. The Director of a Detention Center in Shandong Province forced the prisoners to view the fabricated pictures of the staged "self-immolation." When the pictures reached the women prisoners' cells (these prisoners previously had the opportunity to know Falun Dafa practitioners), they unanimously refused to view the photos, stating, "No, who does not know that Falun Gong practitioners are not allowed to kill? Even for flies and mosquitoes, they would try to just drive them out instead of killing. Fabricating lies and slandering are all that Jiang can do." Their righteous thoughts scared the evil. The director gave in and said, "OK, if you do not want to attend..." These women were in the process of learning to sit in the double lotus position. At that moment, to their amazement, those who had felt pain in their legs before suddenly felt no pain at all. They looked outside the gate and all of the slanderous pictures were already taken away. They deeply felt the power of Falun Dafa.
  2. On October 1, 2002, authorities searched vehicles near the Bridge Station in Shandong Province. They looked for Falun Dafa practitioners who might be going to Beijing to appeal. They also forced people to slander Falun Dafa to determine who might be a firm practitioner. Passengers replied angrily, "Aren't you the police? Why do you force people to say bad things? If you do this, we all say we are (Falun Dafa) practitioners." The other passengers echoed their words, "We are all practitioners." The shameless authorities saw that they had angered the entire crowd and quietly retreated.