(Clearwisdom.net) Before and during the head of the evil's visit to the US and Mexico, many Falun Gong practitioners around the world, including those in China, have participated in the worldwide peaceful protest and the clearing away of evil in other dimensions. Over 2,000 practitioners gathered in Chicago and Houston to participate in sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity. This has caused a great deal of evil elements brought to the US by Jiang to be cleared away in other dimensions. Although Jiang has now left the US, this event is not yet completed. We cannot slack off, but should be persistent in sending forth righteous thoughts until the evil elements in other dimensions are completely cleared away.

After the experiences in Iceland, Germany, Russia and other countries, practitioners have acted more maturely during the past days' activities -- they have been able to put sending forth righteous thoughts to clear away evil elements in other dimensions in the most important position, while trying their best to remain unaffected by human notions and emotions, to deter interference from their minds, and to prevent the evil beings from taking advantage of their human attachments. They have demonstrated that practitioners are all of one body better than in the past.

After the head of the evil had left Texas for Mexico, some of us who participated in the activities exchanged our understanding and experience. We realized that practitioners as a whole seemed to be slacking off: some in small, less visible ways, others in more obvious ways.

After serious group discussions and searching inside, we would like to share our following understanding, though this summary of our understanding was done in a rush. We hope that all practitioners will, as one body, grasp this opportunity, further purify our minds, and do well what we are supposed to do with Dafa disciples' determined and pure righteous thoughts.

I. The Attachment to Distance

In previous Fa-rectification activities, quite a few practitioners hoped to send forth righteous thoughts in the "maximum close proximity." As a result, they were influenced by superficial things in this dimension which stirred up their human attachments and caused them to be unable to quiet their minds. This reduced the effectiveness of their sending forth righteous thoughts. This time, although most practitioners understood that it was not necessary to do so, the attachment to "close proximity" in various degrees still manifested.

For example, a western practitioner shared that, when he was told that the head of the evil was nearby, he would send forth righteous thoughts with more focus; once he learned that the head of the evil had left for activities at other places, he felt that he slacked off unconsciously and it was hard for him to become focused again. It seemed that he cared a great deal whether the distance in this dimension was very close or not.

We all understand the Fa principles on sending forth righteous thoughts-- why did such a state of mind surface when we were at the spot? This was caused not only by our hidden human attachments that have not yet been removed, but also by external interference. We should remind ourselves to remain rational and clear-headed in a timely manner. It would be better if practitioners could remind each other.

Another practitioner said that when she and other practitioners were waiting outside the Intercontinental Hotel, they oftentimes wanted to know about the exact location of the head of the evil. When they heard that the head of the evil would be coming, they would raise their hands to send forth righteous thoughts; when they learned that the head of the evil had left, everyone eased up. They had forgotten that they were in the US, which allowed them to take advantage of the opportunity to be in close proximity. Even though they sent forth righteous thoughts with the same frequency, their minds were not as pure, and their thoughts were not as focused, nor as powerful.

This state of mind was easily taken advantage of by the evil elements. There were a few times when practitioners thought that the head of the evil had left the hotel, so they slackened their sending righteous thoughts. Some time later, it left the hotel for real but practitioners had not been able to persistently make the best use of time to send forth their most pure and determined righteous thoughts.

II. The Attachment of Seeking Comfort

Many practitioners traveled from different cities and regions in the past few days. They endured windy and rainy weather, and some sent forth righteous thoughts all night long. Sometimes they did not even have a chance to have a meal or sleep. There were a few practitioners who needed to continue with their daily Fa-rectification work as well. There were great physical demands on practitioners under the constraints of time. As a result, when practitioners heard that the head of the evil had left a spot, they eased up mentally. This was especially the case when practitioners were returning to Houston after the activities in Crawford were completed. In our discussions, a male practitioner shared that when we felt glad thinking of being able to have a good sleep, our thoughts were already not based on the overall picture of Fa-rectification, nor on the fundamental key of grasping the opportunity to send forth righteous thoughts to completely clear away the evil elements in other dimensions.

Master pointed out in "Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples": "Actually, there are a few students who have always been reluctant to do things that are for destroying the evil and clarifying the truth--as if that would be doing something for Master, or as if that would be putting in extra for Dafa. As soon as you heard me say that you had reached the standard for Consummation, you felt like a big burden had been lifted, you slacked off, and didn't want to do anything anymore ... If you are still unclear about what a Fa-rectification disciple is, you won't be able to step forward in the current tribulation, and you will be led by the human world's pursuit of comfort to "enlighten" along an evil path."

We all actively participate in this period of Fa-rectification activities on our own will; however, are we treating "clearing away the evil" as something that we are reluctant to do deep in our minds? Are we genuinely treating "completely clearing away the evil elements in other dimensions" as Dafa practitioners' undeniable duty?

III. Evil's Interference

In the critical moment during the cosmic battle between righteousness and evil, the evil appears to be very rampant. In the dense field of evil elements, practitioners have endured powerful interference. This interference manifests itself in many areas. One of them is that some practitioners are caught up in resolving assorted matters, causing them to be unable to calm their hearts, thus suppressing their ability to send forth righteous thoughts and losing some precious time. In addition, some practitioners believe that after all they are doing Dafa work, and it is fine to not have time to send forth righteous thoughts, since "others" are all doing it. So in this manner, gradually they were no longer vigilant and became negligent.

In addition, the evil will also exploit gaps in practitioners' attachments to certain areas, creating some illusions. This would cause practitioners to be unable to correctly understand and make judgments in situations, being brought along by external factors and thus allowing themselves to be not as vigilant.

Mentality of Selfishness

This includes "I'd rather do this," "I believe that I must do this or that," "I must not miss this opportunity to become a witness to and a participant in such a great historic event," etc, etc. In reality, when this type of mentality is very strong and the practitioner cannot suppress or clear it away on his own, then the interference is already exerting an effect on him. If you have that mentality and attachment, then the evil will magnify it at the critical moment, using it to interfere with you, affecting and interfering with everyone.

Being Unable to Maintain Studying the Fa with a Calm Heart

Because of human emotional states and notions, some practitioners are dedicating themselves to dashing from place to place to do things, to the point where they are exhausted. In the process of doing so their righteous thoughts have been suppressed, while they cannot maintain studying the Fa well every day to strengthen and purify their righteous thoughts. This has created some negative effects as well.

The above are just some pieces of last night's discussion among some practitioners; it is not very comprehensive and not necessarily expressed so harmoniously. It is our hope that it can have the effect of encouragement, causing everyone to remind each other during this critical time, and take advantage of every second to do even better.