[Editor's note: This letter had been passed around for a few months before we received it. It made us really feel the difficult situation of our fellow practitioners in the forced labor camps and realize the importance and urgency of exposing the evil.]

Dear fellow practitioners,

How are you?

I haven't seen you for a long time. We miss you very much. Hope we will cultivate diligently and upgrade together.

About the situation here--since June 10, 2002, Dafa practitioners in the Dandong forced labor camp have experienced very brutal and inhumane persecution. The police use all kinds of methods to torture Dafa practitioners, including beating with electric batons, loading bricks onto their backs and forcing practitioners to stay outside directly under the baking sun. Here are some true stories:

They put practitioners in solitary confinement cells for over 50 days, saying that we were the ones that stay firmly with Dafa. Meanwhile, they used two electric batons to shock us on the most sensitive areas of our bodies such as eyes, mouth, ears, bottoms of the feet, palms of the hands, and even our genitals. Sometimes they would do this continuously for over three hours. The practitioners who were tortured included Wang Binglin, Shao Zhongye, Wang Changlong, Song Jiwei, and Gao Tianhong. Fellow practitioners Song Jiwei and Wang Binglin were forced to carry 80-100 Jin (about 90-110 lb) of bricks up and down stairs. They were also forced into the direct sunshine at noontime when the temperature was about 36-37 oC (nearly 100 oF). Since June 10, practitioners were put in the confinement cells for periods ranging from 20 to 60 days. The police frequently say, "Beating you to death doesn't matter! You will be counted as a suicide."

We truly, urgently hope you can expose the evil inside here as soon as possible with every means, thus helping to cut down the persecution as soon as possible.

Fellow practitioners, it was not easy for me to write this letter here. I hope we all cultivate Dafa firmly, study the Fa often and use righteous thoughts and righteous deeds to eliminate the demons and evil beings. Best regards to my fellow practitioners again! We miss you. Let's advance further diligently! Cultivation and validating Dafa cannot be separated!


June 18, 2002