(Clearwisdom.net) We send forth righteous thoughts not only when doing it in a group, but also when facing any problems, at any moment, and in any situation.

When the police come to arrest us, we think: freeze him. That's a righteous thought. When the computer is down, we eliminate the evil interfering in other dimensions. That's a righteous thought. When clarifying the facts, we eliminate the evil factors behind the other party. That's a righteous thought. When having different ideas with other practitioners, we consider others' opinions from their point of view with respect and a calm mind. That's a righteous thought. When in a conflict in the society, we take the Fa as priority and look within ourselves to eliminate the attachments. That's a righteous thought. We pay attention to our words and actions that go against the requirements of Dafa, and get away from everyday people's mindsets while making diligent progress. That's a righteous thought.

In fact, it's a matter of whether we have righteous thoughts in all situations and at all time. Cultivation is to cultivate a firm mind and a pure heart.