(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of October 14, 2002, the day after Teacher's new article, "Righteous Thoughts," was published, practitioners gathered together in a Toronto park to study the Fa and exchange insights as a group.

After repeatedly reading Teacher's new article, practitioners discussed their understandings and perspectives, so distinct, yet so touching. Some had just arrived back from trips out of town to clarify the truth, and spoke about their experiences abroad. They spoke from deep within their hearts about what they saw, heard, and had encountered on their trips.

As a group, the practitioners concluded that right now, during this extremely crucial juncture in history, the degree that we can maintain a pure mindset and send forth the most resolute righteous thoughts has a direct bearing on the final consummation of Dafa practitioners. It also has a direct implication on the most solemn issue of whether innumerable sentient beings in the universe can be saved.

We further recognized that each and every day was established for Dafa practitioners. "Dafa disciples are now sentient beings' only, sole hope for salvation" (Master Li's new article, "Righteous Thoughts"). We must truly demonstrate the mighty virtue of Dafa practitioners before the force of Fa rectification arrives. This is the mandate the new universe has given us. Sentient beings are anxiously waiting, as this is the expectation they have of us.

Some practitioners are unable to travel at this time due to their special circumstances. On their own initiative, and overcoming their own difficulties at home, they offered to take care of fellow practitioners' children so that more practitioners could eradicate evil factors in other dimensions of the universe in close proximity.

This present period of time is but an instant in the human world, yet it took millions of millennia to forge. Let's not fail to live up to Teacher's compassionate salvation. Let's illuminate the hearts of every sentient being with the radiance of the Fa and sow the seeds of sacred predestined relationships with the Fa in their hearts.