(Clearwisdom.net) At two o'clock in the morning September 29th, 2002, Shenyang Dafa practitioners Chen Chunli and Geng Luping, who had been destitute and homeless for nearly one year, were found by plainclothes police from Ahangshi reformatory labor camp because a rebel, Yang Xuebao, betrayed them. The plainclothes police forcefully arrested Chen Chunli. The plainclothes police officer, without wearing a police uniform, without showing any identification, holding a small searchlight, grasped Chen's hair, back, and arms, and pushed Chen down, then he snatched Chen's two portable phones, and one BP. Chen Chunli also had thousands of Yuan with him at the time. When a member of Chen's family asked the personnel at the reformatory administrative section, "Where is Chen Chunli detained?" They didn't tell. The clothing and personal cleaning apparatuses, which were sent to Chen Chunli by his family member, were still held in the reformatory administrative section. When Chen was arrested, he had been stripped to, and left in, his underclothes.

During the period of destitution and homelessness, both Chen Chunli and Geng Luping had an elder mother and young children at home, without any economic source to make a living.

Zhang Shaoshan, a superintendent of Linhu street office in Suchiatun district, Shenyang city, brought in some people to intrude into Chen's and Geng's homes to intimidate their family members, and also several times, at midnight, they intruded and searched their homes, and harass them by calling them on the phone. All this harassment made the elder family members and children frightened night and day.

After Chen was arrested, Zhang Shaoshan asked Geng Luqing to write a "repentance letter." Geng Luqing maintained a just attitude while being interrogated by Zhang Shaoshan. Zhang shouted, "From now on, I will be looking for you every day, persecuting you every day. Now is the time of the Party's world." Then he called the judicial bureau to ask them to send some people to arrest Geng Luqing. The evil had prepared to run strengthened brainwashing classes. For resisting the persecution, Geng Luqing is destitute and homeless again.

The Home phone Number of Li Cai from the Administrative section of Zhangshi Reformatory Labor Camp in Shengyang City: 86-24-25304604

The Phone Number of Linhu street office in Suchiatun district, Shenyang city: 86-24-89812475.