(Clearwisdom net) Wang Xiuqing is fifty-five years old. She is from Sunzheng village, Luqiao town in Huanghua City, Hebei Province. She contracted hepatitis when she was young and had not been able to go without medication for over twenty years. By 1996, she had progressed to an advanced stage of liver cirrhosis. She developed generalized edema, pallor, and was unable to take care of herself. Her family was deeply worried. At this time, she started learning Falun Gong. The practice site was only fifty meters away from her house but she would need to take several breaks before she could make it there. After several months' practice, she had completely changed to a new person. She could do housework as well as work in the field. Other villagers remarked: "It is Falun Gong that gave her a second life." For the past six years, she had not had to take any medication and had stayed healthy. She not only saved all the medical expenses but also brought the family joy.

In November of 2001, Wang Xiuqing was apprehended and forced to go to brainwashing class in Luqiao town. The unlawful perpetrators did not allow her to sleep and took turns to deceive her. At the time she was not firm in her belief. Fearing that her family would be implicated, she signed the forms to denounce Dafa and gave up her practice. Moreover, she also helped the local government to trick other practitioners to the "brainwashing class". Even under such circumstances, Teacher was still giving her hints and mercifully trying to save her.

One day in March of 2002, Wang Xiuqing suddenly vomited blood unceasingly. She was admitted to hospital and underwent surgery while she was still unconscious. After twenty days in hospital, she incurred more than 20,000 Yuan of medical expenses. How could a farmer with limited income afford such huge expenditure? Even after exhausting years of savings, her condition was getting worse with each treatment; she soon developed ascites. Her legs became so edematous that she could not get out of bed. She realized then that all the medicine in the world could not treat her condition; the only way out was to practice Dafa.

She therefore firmly asked to be discharged from the hospital. The hospital, fearing the liability should anything untoward ensue, asked her to sign a release before allowing her to leave. After she got home, her husband was very worried and forced her to receive intravenous infusion for three days, causing her legs to become even more swollen. She said to her husband: "Do not treat me any more, you will treat me to death, I need to practice Falun Gong." Zhou Fang from the town government said: "It would be a miracle if she could get well again practicing." Her husband was still concerned; he bought heaps of medicine, and asked her to take them three times a day. To allay his anxiety, she hid the medicine she was supposed to take. She persisted in practicing the exercises and studying the Fa even when she was extremely weak. She also clarified the truth about Dafa to people who visited her. Very soon she started to gradually recover. Her husband who does not practice felt self-satisfied and said: "If you hadn't taken the medicine, you could not have recovered so soon. When one is sick, one must take medicine." Wang Xiuqing took out all the medicine she hid and handed them to him: "These are your medicines. Not even one pill is missing. I am giving them back to you." At that moment her husband was flabbergasted, and could not help but say: "It is miraculous!"

On the day of the mid-autumn festival, Zhou Fang from the town government went to her house and saw Wang was doing heavy-duty work. She said: "It is a miracle!" She asked if they were to send her to the "brainwashing class" held in Cangzhou, would she give up her belief? Wang firmly replied: "Falun Dafa gave me a third life. This time round I would not do such a silly thing even if I should die!"