The next set of classes was going to be held in Zhengzhou. I just managed to get a ticket for a berth on the train, and was on the same train as Teacher. It was very hot that day during the trip. When we arrived at the train station it was very crowded. Just like us, Teacher carried his baggage, and was soaked with sweat. I felt badly about that but could not help with anything. After we got on the train, we found out that our train car was the last one, and it didn't belong to the same railway bureau as the front carriages. The main train belonged to the Chengdu Railway Bureau, while our car belonged to the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau. Therefore the front carriages would not provide any service, not even water, to our car and we couldn't enter the front cars of the train because the connecting door was locked. A practitioner from Wuhan who traveled with us found a water jug. When the train stopped at a station, we got off the train and went to the front car to fill the water jug. But we did not have enough time to run back to our own car so we had to stand in that carriage until the next stop. There was just enough water for drinking. We could only soak a bowl of instant noodles in water as a meal for Teacher. We bought 6 tickets together with Teacher and we were in the last box of that train car.

When the train passed by Mount Hua, Teacher stood at the end of the train. There was no window in the door of our car. Teacher stood there for a long time, looking at the mountains that were far away. At that time, I felt puzzled and wondered what Teacher was looking at, so I also went over and gazed into the distance. Teacher told me that many people who cultivated the Tao on Mount Hua came down from the mountain to visit him. They followed the train. Teacher asked them: What do you think about my disciples? Some of them have been cultivating for a long period of time. They said that few of them could compare with Teacher's disciples. These people accompanied us all the way to Zhengzhou to listen to the Fa. Later, during his lecture, Teacher talked about what had happened that day.

The condition of the Zhengzhou class was almost the worst I had ever seen. The Qigong Association had provided an out-of-date gymnasium for the class. The central wooden floor of the gym was quite old and broken in places, and the surrounding bleachers were built with fragmented bricks. There was not even any glass in the windows. The class began on June 11. A few days later it was the weekend, and midway through the class, a howling wind suddenly swept in and clouds darkened the sky and obscured everything. Heavy rain and hailstones came pouring down, and lightning accompanied by peals of thunder blotted out the sky and the earth. The rain came pouring through the windows. People n the stands surged towards the center of the gymnasium. Soon, hailstones as big as walnuts fell down, which fiercely and loudly shook the gym's iron roof. I had never experienced such a situation. With the violent winds, hailstones, and thunder and lightening, it seemed that the storm would crack open the roof of the gym. The roof above Teacher's platform started to leak. The rain poured through instantly and noisily, and then the main electrical switch shorted out. The lights went off, and it was as dark as night in there. All of these things happened within a few minutes. Everyone was looking at Teacher and heard him ask, who is above? We saw Teacher gently close his eyes and place his hands in front of his chest with palms facing up. Practitioners who sat close to Teacher fixed their eyes on him. Some practitioners said, Look at Teacher's hands! Shortly after, Teacher clenched his hands into fits, as if he was grasping something. Then he opened the water bottle on the table, drank the water, and then put the thing in his hands into the bottle. Immediately, the storm stopped, and the sun came out and shone into the gym. We all applauded and cheered. After that, Teacher sat on the table and performed a set of great hand gestures. Then Teacher said, I have done a big thing for you. I removed lots of things. At this point, the lights came on one by one and Teacher continued his lecture. Later, a young man from Zhengzhou, who often followed Teacher to attend the classes, said that he was in the main control chamber at that time. After the main switch shorted out, there was no electrical power, but the lights went on one by one anyway. On the next day the Zhengzhou newspapers reported that roofs had been lifted off several buildings during the storm. The weather bureau was seized with panic and said that there had been no advance indications that a storm was on the way. The Qigong Association sponsor said, "We saw an extraordinary scene today." On the next day, the Mayor of the Zhengzhou city reverently went to shake hands with Teacher. It was said that his daughter-in-law had attended our class.

The next set of classes was the second session held in the Jinan gymnasium, which had a seating capacity of 3 to 4 thousand. All seats were taken. During the Jinan classes, Teacher gave a very detailed lecture and also told us some of the things that would happen soon after.

Jinan 1998 Falun Gong experience sharing conference.

The next set of classes was held in Dalian. Teacher did not want all of us to go to Dalian. He told us not to fly to Dalian on the 30th. Teacher encountered various interferences on the way to Dalian. The interference from the evil was tremendous. In the end, Teacher took a seagoing vessel to Dalian.

I remembered that in Chengdu, the practitioner who was in charge of the Dalian assistant center once told me that there were dragons in a photo that they had taken with Teacher. I was quite surprised and asked her if I could see that photo when I went to Dalian. She said yes. This time when I went to Dalian, I kept thinking about the picture and looked for her to ask if I could see the photo. One day, she brought the photo for me to look at. When I looked at it, I saw that it was true. In the sky behind Teacher and the practitioners, there were two dragons very close to each other; one in front and one in back. The dragons' heads were very big. The contour of their noses and eyes were very clear. It seemed there were some people sitting on the dragons. She then pointed at the photo and said to me, "You see, there are two double-edged swords. I looked at them; the swords were quite small but clearly discernible. I stared at the photo blankly for a while. She said that photo was the only one that showed all of these things. When she took the negative to develop more prints, they did not turn out. Her son would not believe what happened so he tried 20 times to investigate but had to give it up in the end. Later, during the tenth lecture as Teacher was answering practitioners' questions, a practitioner said that he had seen two double-edged swords when he read Zhuan Falun. Teacher said, yes, I brought those from the cosmos and they are boundlessly powerful.

On August 5, the classes began in Harbin. The class was held at the Harbin ice hockey stadium. At that time, the stadium was still under construction. There were only seats on three sides, and the fourth wall was still just plywood. The staff of the stadium had never seen so many people travel tens of thousands of miles to attend a qigong class and so they also attended Teacher's lectures. One day, before the class started, Teacher came to the stadium to see the practitioners. When he walked in front of the practitioners, the practitioners who sat in the stands that were closest to Teacher stood up together, reverently expressing their respect to Teacher. Teacher walked forward, the practitioners sitting ahead stood up together as well. In this way, as Teacher walked around the stadium, a group of practitioners stood up and another group sat down, orderly and continuously. The scene was extremely spectacular. At that moment, the entire stadium was permeated with sacredness and reverence. Even the practitioners themselves were amazed. It happened spontaneously and had not been planned at all. A person who was attending the classes for the first time and sitting next to me whispered, "Wow! I've never seen such a scene. It is impossible for any of the national leaders to receive this."

Falun Gong practitioners at the opening ceremony of the Asian Physical Cultural Festival in Shenyang, 1998.

The Yanji classes were held in the Yanji gymnasium. A local practitioner of Korean descent and who had been the first person to attend Teacher's classes in other cities had eagerly made the arrangements for this class. He said that he wanted to do a good deed for the people of his hometown. It was said that 70% of the people from his workplace attended the class. On the last day of the class, the Korean practitioners dressed in bright and colorful folk attire, which was the most ceremonious formality, to express their gratitude to Teacher and to see Teacher off. There was a brief ending ceremony after the class. Teacher donated 7,000 Yuan, his entire income for this set of classes to the Yanjin Red Cross.

On that day, after leaving the classroom, I went directly to the railway station and took the train, Tumen Number one, to Changchun and then changed to the train to Harbin.

After traveling a whole night by train, I arrived at Changchun in the morning. I dragged my suitcase and felt very tired. When I got to the underground passage gate, I saw Teacher standing behind me, kindly looking at me. I was so happy and moved but was afraid that Teacher would want to carry my suitcase, so I hurriedly said, "Teacher, please go first and don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I often travel by myself and won't have any problems." After Teacher went ahead, I moved down step by step towards the underground passage. I carried my suitcase and walked to the exit, following the queue to get out of the railway station. When I raised my head, I saw Teacher standing in front waiting for me to come out. He was still so kindly looking at me. At that moment, I felt a warm flow passing through my heart, I pressed my hands together to do Heshi (a greeting hand gesture to show reverence) and said, "Teacher, please don't worry about me. I can manage it by myself. On that day, I reached Harbin without any trouble and miraculously went back to Beijing the next day.