October 13, 2002

Dear, Congressman:

We want to express our concern about the current state of worldwide terrorism and homeland security. Although the world's attention and efforts have been on the control of terrorism in the Middle East and Iraq, after what happened on September 11, 2001, the ongoing state-run terrorism in China by Jiang Zemin is also a threat to world peace and it affects all of us. It is well known that Jiang Zemin and Saddam Hussein are two dictator-terrorists that use mind control on their populace and persecute the good and innocent. Falun Gong practitioners in China have been persecuted for the last 3 years; many have been killed in jails, labor camps (concentration camps) and even in psychiatric hospitals. Female practitioners are raped and/or gang raped and even children and infants have been murdered under the current communist [Jiang's] regime. This is not limited to the land of China. Many reports from US citizens testify to the intimidation and threats made by Chinese diplomats in the US. Many American officials and official organizations that showed support of Falun Gong have been intimidated and interfered with by Chinese diplomats. We are including a detailed list of these attempts to control the freedom of expression in our country.

As psychiatrists and psychologists we want to prevent the spread of terror in the United State and of the mental pressure, intimidation and the use of mind control techniques that have been used in China against Falun Gong practitioners. The hate campaign should not spread and should be stopped immediately. Some of us have already been subjected to this intimidation. Dr. Lu was denied access to a commercial airplane in New York City when she was traveling to Iceland in June 2002. Her name appeared on a "blacklist" provided by the Chinese government, which has been given to many countries. Ms. Harrison has been dealing with interruption of her phone service that has been described as "phone tapping" and "hijacking" of her phone line leaving her unable to make secure or sometimes no contact with anyone through this instrument. Dr Galli's email address has been used to send viruses to other Falun Gong practitioners. This sending back and forth viruses through email has sabotaged the personal communications between Drs. Lu and Galli. Some of our relatives are afraid of our participation in public affairs because of the potential repercussions. Some family members can't openly discuss personal matters over the phone with relatives in China because many times their phones are monitored, etc. The Chinese consulate has used their power to control the Chinese student organization at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, by stopping us from using the name of Falun Gong in the student email system used by local Chinese college student to exchange general information like upcoming cultural events, leisure entertainment activities, etc. The Ohio Chinese Scientific conference denied two abstracts regarding a large-scale health survey on Falun Gong practitioners, which was to be presented in the American Geriatric Conference in Las Vegas, 2001, and the Psychiatric Association in Philadelphia, May 2002.

We urge you to sponsor Resolution 447 in the Congress.

Thank you.

Psychiatrists and Psychologists in the US